Four Girls Mountain

Four Girls Mountain, named for its appearance, is often referred to, and comprises four snowcapped mountains which are favorites for climbers and hikers. The visit route of hikers is often from Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley, which is well-known for various sceneries, especially precious plants and animals. Thanks to comparatively good protection, rare plants and animals can be seen at almost every corner of the route.

Four Girls Mountain ChengduFour Girls Mountain

Limited by the landforms, transportation in the valleys there is not very convenient, so some sections of the route only can be passed by horse or on foot. Thus, tourists will unwittingly slow their pace and fully appreciate views along the way.

In recent years, more and more people have visited Four Girls Mountain for sightseeing or climbing, and the mountain was listed into the Top 10 Famous Mountains for Climbing in China. Some new visit routes have been explored to satisfy tourists’ various demands.


  • A place both for relaxation and exploration
  • Different kinds of plants and crude drugs like sequoia, taxus etc
  • More than 30 kinds of national protected animals in category Ⅰor Ⅱ
  • A famous pandas’ home, Wolong Nature Reserve
  • National Scenic Spot and National Nature Reserve
  • Min River and Dadu River are nearby

The Three Main Valleys

Changping Valley: original forests, bubbling streams, and thick bushes attract many tourists’ attention. Most sections of the valley only admit tourists travelling by foot or horse, but the valley directly connects to the bottom of Four Girls Mountain.

Double Bridges Valley (Shuangqiao Valley): it’s the only valley available for sightseeing buses. The scenic spot can be divided into three parts, and majestic views are most in the first part. The most marvelous view of the valley is on Pearl Beach (Zhenzhu Beach), where snow-broth flows through in spring of every year.

Haizi Valley: it’s an important part of Four Girls Mountain. Over 10 alpine lakes are there and ancient alepidote fish live in those lakes. Therefore, the valley is a place which can’t be missed.

Besides, the mountain is also a favorable place for campers. As the hiking route is comparatively long and safe, almost all tourists indulge in camping below the snow-covered landscapes, especially in autumn and winter. People can also enjoy ice climbing there.

Travel Essentials

  • Location: Rilong Town, Xiaojin County, A’ba Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province
  • Transportation: regular buses can be taken from Chengdu
  • Avoid strenuous exercise to avoid suffering altitude sickness.
  • Take with you any medicine you might need

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