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Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing West Railway Station Overview

Beijing West Railway StationThe Beijing West Railway Station, or Beijing West for short, was completed in early 1996. It is one of three major railway stations in Beijing. There are also small train stations. Beijing has the most advanced and extensive railway lines in the country. It’s main gate is a huge building that looks like a big gate. It’s so big that it is kind of disorientating to walk around in it. It was the largest railway station in Asia until August 1, 2008 when the Beijing South Railway Station was officially opened. The Beijing West Railway Station was still the busiest railway station in China in terms of passenger use per day in 2009.

Beijing West Railway Station has two plazas in the front: the North Square and the South Square. The South Square is near Lianhuachi Park and the North Square is one kilometer away from the China Millennium Monument. The entrance and major ticket offices are situated in the North Square. Passengers who get into the station from the South Square should walk through the underground passage leading to the North Square and then enter the West Station. There are two exits in Lower Level 2: North Exit 1 is in the east and North Exit 2 is in the west. The luggage claim office is located in the West-Wing Building of the North Square and the luggage check-in counter is in the East Wing. Also there are many bus stations in both squares. There are plans to connect the Beijing Railway Station with the Beijing West Railway Station.

Station Map of Departure

Lines and Trains

Trains departing from Beijing going to central, south, southwest and northwest China leave from this station. There are D-(bullet trains), G-(China high-speed railway, CHR), K-(fast train), T-(express train) and Z-(express overnight sleeper) series trains serving the following cities: Hong Kong (Kowloon), Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guilin, Urumqi, Kunming, Hangzhou, Shanghai and others.

See the destination list below

Transportation to Beijing West Railway Station

Metro Line

Beijing West is accessible by metro line 9 (National Library – Baishiqiao South – Baiduizi – Military Museum – Beijing West Railway Station – Liuliqiao East – Liuliqiao – Qilizhuang – Fengtai Dongdajie – Fengtainanlu – Keyilu – Fengtai Science Park - Guogongzhuang).

Underground Taxi Station

The taxi area in the Beijing West Railway Station is located underground. Passengers can get taxis at the Taxi Dispatch Center in Lower Level 2 and Lower Level 1 east of the north exit. There is another Taxi Dispatch Center under the east helical ramp of the North Square. Due to the heavy traffic on the North Square of the Beijing West Railway Station, there are no official taxi lanes on the street in front of the square. Taxis are not supposed to stop there, but taxis do go there to pick up passengers anyway.

Taxi Fares:A taxi fare in Beijing starts at 10 yuan within 3 kilometers. For 3–15 kilometers it is for 2 yuan per kilometer. Over 15 kilometers it is 3 yuan per kilometer, with an additional 50% for its returning empty.

Transport to the Other Railway Stations

There are three major railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Railway station, Beijing West Railway station and Beijing South Railway station. Trains leaving for most cities of China depart from the three stations. The Beijing North Railway Station, formerly known as the Xizhimen Railway Station, is now a small (Tier-III) station managed by the Beijing Railway Bureau that provides regular intercity train services to the north and northwest. It is also the southern terminus for the Beijing Suburban Railway.

Beijing Railway Station

Passengers can take Bus No. 9, No. 673, Special No. 2 and No. 52 in the North Square to get to Beijing Railway Station directly. To take the subway, walk northwards from the North Square to the "Military Museum" Station on West Chang"an Avenue and take Beijing Subway Line 1 and get off at the Fuxingmen Station and then transfer to Beijing Subway Line 2 and get off at the Beijing Railway Station.

Beijing South Railway Station

Passengers can take Bus No. 72 or Bus No. 122 that goes to the Beijing South Railway Station. Bus No. 53 and No. 741 pass by the South Station.

Beijing North Railway Station

Passengers can walk northwards from the North Square to the "Military Museum" Station on West Chang'an Avenue. Take Beijing Subway Line 1 and get off at the "Fuxingmen" Station and then transfer to Beijing Subway Line 2 and get off at the "Xizhimen" Station. Bus No. 21 can also take passengers to the "Xizhimen South" Station.

Transport to Beijing Capital International Airport

Take the No.7 airport shuttle bus in the south square. The buses runevery 30 minutes from 5:10 am to 21:00 pm. The journey takes about 2 hours and costs 16 yuan.

High Speed Trains from Beijing West to Xi’an North

There are 13 daily G trains (high speed) departing from Beijing West to Xi’an North between07:05 am to 17:36 pm. The journey time ranges from 5 hours 22 mins to 6 hours and 20 mins and ticket prices are 515 yuan/person for second class seat and 825 yuan/person for the first class seat. See the train schedule below:

Beijing West to Xi’an North Train Schedule
G65107:0512:495h 44min
G65308:1014:075h 57min
G67108:1514:366h 21min
G65510:0515:395h 34min
G65711:0216:455h 43min
G65912:0717:305h 23min
G8714:0018:304h 30min
G67314:4320:395h 56min
G66114:4821:036h 15min
G66315:4521:295h 44min
G66516:0021:585h 58min
G66716:5322:395h 46min
G66917:3622:575h 21min

Beijing West Railway Station Special Tips

1) Ticket check-in usually begins half an hour before the departure time.

2) Ticket check-in stops 5 minutes before departure. Please be sure to be at the check-in gate 5 minutes before the departure time.

Special Service on Beijing West Railway Station

Ticket Booths

All tickets for trains departing from Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station within four days can be bought at Beijing West Railway Station. Also, tickets for trains departing from other places in the railway network of the country in 20 days are available in the ticket booths here. The location and functions of the ticket booths are as follows:

1. North Ticket Hall:The Hall, which is located in the east of the North Square, is divided into 2 ticket sub-halls: East Hall and West Hall. It mainly provides general ticket services for passengers. The East Hall provides special services for passengers. There is a priority window for servicemen and journalists, a window for non-stop express train reservations, a window for elderly people, a window for foreigners and a window for visa issues. There is also a Stationmaster window. The Service Window deals with complaints and questions from passengers and helps passengers to change their tickets for other trains. There is a ticket window for group reservations, a ticket window for disabled passengers, and a platform ticket window.

2. The Ticket Office for Transfersis located in the Lower Level 2 west of the North Exit 1. Passengers can transfer their tickets, buy and return tickets and get refunds there.

3. The Ticket Booth for Group Reservationsis located in the east of the hall on the second floor. Groups or contracted companies book tickets there. Among the service windows, No. 2 is for VIPs, NPC (National People’s Congress) members, CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) members and All-purpose Card holders. Service window No. 6 is for those passengers who want to buy tickets from Beijing to Kowloon.

4. Ticket Booths at the Exits: At the North Exit 1 and the North Exit 2 of the Lower Level 2, these booths can facilitate for passengers just getting off the train. They mainly serve passengers with transfer tickets for trains departing from the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station and Beijing North Railway Station. Tickets of trains departing from Beijing West Railway Station are also sold at the booths.

5. South Ticket Hall: Located in the western part of the South Square of the Station, it mainly provides tickets for individuals, group reservation service and ticket agency service. There are some special service windows such as a ticket window for group reservations, a ticket window for Non-stop Express Train reservations and a service window that provides invoices for ticket agencies.

6. Waiting Room Ticket Booths are located in Waiting Room No 4, No 5, No 6 and No 7 on the second floor, and they mainly sell 'same-day' surplus tickets.

Special Waiting Rooms

Special Services:

"Red Hat Luggage Delivery” service is provided by the Beijing West Station Technology and Trade Company at the Entrance Hall on the second floor and North Exit 1. It can help passengers to board their luggage on the train. They charge passengers 5 RMB for one piece of luggage.

A Temporary Deposit Service for Small Pieces of Luggage” is provided by the Beijing West Station Technology and Trade Company at both sides of the Entrance Hall on the second floor. They can help passengers keep their valuable small items safe. The valuables are stored in electronic boxes, and the service charges per duration of use.

Beijing West destination list

From Beijing West to…


G6701Shijiazhuang10:5012:091h 19min
G6735Handan East20:4822:492h 1min
G89Zhengzhou East13:3016:002h 31min
G91Taiyuan South08:3011:112h 41min
G619Taiyuan Station16:5819:542h 56min
G429Xinxiang East11:5114:553h 4min
G87Xi’an North14:0018:304h 30min
G571Xinyang East09:2013:574h 37min
G573Wuhan16:1821:275h 9min
G511Hankou09:2514:525h 27min
G83Changsha South09:0014:405h 40min
G609Yuncheng North10:3316:145h 41min
G673Baoji South14:4321:447h 1min
G555/G558Yichang East12:5120:057h 14
G79Shenzhen North10:0018:338h 33min
G67Guangzhou South12:1322:1410h 1min
G529Liuzhou07:4719:4511h 58min


D2005Lingfen West15:2920:505h 21min
D2031Wuhan14:5922:207h 21min

from Beijing West to…(sleepers)


K7763Handan22:4603:485h 2min
K617Hohhot East10:3518:508h 15min
K147Fuyang09:4520:0010h 15min
K269Luoyang08:0318:3510h 32min
K1163Changzhi North07:0619:1512h 9min
K401Zhoukou19:3307:4712h 14min
K573Dongsheng West20:5410:0913h 15min
K1071Anqing13:3805:4116h 3min
K1115Baotou13:1406:0516h 51min
K183Nanyang12:3006:0817h 38min
K279Shiyan16:3911:1718h 38min
K1453Ganzhou12:1011:2223h 12min
K261Hanzhong17:48Next19:361d 1h 48min
K629Lanzhou07:12Next09:481d 2h 36min
K819Chongqing North09:02Next12:021d 3h
K21Guillin09:20Next12:021d 3h 10min
K517Longyan16:56Next20:211d 3h 25min
K817Chengdu08:20Next12:301d 4h 10min
K157Zhanjiang18:30Next06:001d 11h 30min
K117Panzhihua11:11Next04:591d 17h 48min
K417Kunming21:01Next15:381d 18h 17min


T167Nanchang14:0607:1817h 12min
T175Xining West11:5609:1021h 14min
T49Enshi12:4510:2921h 44min
T201Sanya18:1107:251d 13h 14min
T27Lhasa20:0014:421d 18h 42min


Z37Wuchang20:5507:1010h 15min
Z3Yichang East20:4909:0812h 19min
Z133Jinggangshan19:4511:1015h 25min
Z59/Z58Fuzhou14:4711:0320h 16min

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