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Beijing South Railway Station


Beijing South Railway StationBeijing South Railway Station, located in Fengtai District, Beijing City, is the second largest railway station in Asia after Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. With the total area of 309,400 square meters, it is one of the main transportation hubs of Beijing and China.

Beijing South Train Station Schedule

Station Map of Departure

south station map of departure

Lines and Trains

Beijing South Railway Station serves as the terminus of high-speed trains on over 24 tracks, including two CRH railway lines: the Beijing–Tianjin Intercity railway and the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed railway.

It operates C-series (Intercity Railway) trains to Tianjin, and G- (China Railway High-speed) and D-series trains (bullet trains) to Shanghai, Nanjing, Fuzhou, Tangshan, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Xuzhou, etc.

It only takes about 5 hours traveling from Beijing to Shanghai, Qingdao and Suzhou, and about 6 hours to Hangzhou by G trains.

Here is a destination list from Beijing South for your reference:

From Beijing South to…


C2611Tianjin West20:4121:1635min


G485Jinan West20:2622:121h 46min
G179Zaozhuang06:2709:132h 46min
G29Hefei13:3517:253h 50min
G205Nanjing South20:0023:533h 53min
G199Qingdao17:3422:114h 37min
G1Shanghai Hongqiao09:0013:484h 48min
G31Hangzhou08:3013:375h 7min
G387Dalian North08:4214:015h 19min
G167Ningbo13:0019:436h 43min
G381Harbin West08:0015:027h 2min
G383Jilin07:4114:517h 10min
G55Fuzhou08:1118:5810h 47min
G165Xiamen North08:4521:3012h 45min


D6791Tangshan08:1909:451h 26min
D351Xuzhou19:1123:073h 56min

Local Transportation

Situated 7.5 km south of the city center of Beijing, Beijing South Railway Station can be easily reached by Beijing’s subway, public buses, and taxis.

Beijing Subway Line 4 connects Beijing South Railway Station with Xidan (one of the most popular shopping centers in Beijing), Xizhimen (the main transfer center of Beijing Subway where you can change to Line 2 or Line 13), and many famous attractions in Beijing, including Beijing Zoo, the Old Summer Palace and Zhongguancun.

You can also take Beijing public buses 381 or 458 to Beijing South Railway Station; or 20, 84, 72, 208, 529, 652, 665, 102, 106, 203, or 458 to Beijing South Station North Square.

From Beijing South to Other Railway Stations in Beijing

To Beijing Railway Station

Beijing Railway Station is in Dongcheng District. You can take Metro Line 4 (towards Anheqiao North, 安河桥北) to Xuanwumen Station (宣武门, 3 stops), and then Metro Line 2 (towards Jishuitan, 积水潭) to Beijing Railway Station (北京站, 4 stops). The journey takes about 20 minutes.

To Beijing North Railway Station

Beijing North Railway station lies in Xizhimen, Xicheng District. You can take Metro Line 4 (towards Anheqiao North, 安河桥北) to Xizhimen station (西直门, 9 stops), and then walk to Beijing North Railway Station. It takes about 40 minutes.

Beijing South to Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the Shunyi District, 25km from the city of Beijing. You can take Metro Line 4 (towards Anheqiao North, 安河桥北) to Xuanwumen station (宣武门, 9 stops), and then Metro Line 2 (towards Xizhimen, 西直门) to Dongzhimen station . Then take the Airport Express and get off at terminal 2 of Capital Airport. The journey may take you about 1 hour.

From Beijing South to Beijing Attractions

To the Forbidden City

By Metro

If you choose to take the metro, you can take Metro Line 4 to Xidan station (西单, 4 stops), and then Metro Line 1 to Tian’an Men East station (天安门东, 2 stops). Then walk to the entrance of the Forbidden City. It will be about 30 minutes for this journey.

By Bus

Also, you can take a No.20 bus to Tian’an Men East station. The bus journey might be a little longer at 45 minutes, but you don’t need to transfer.

To the Badaling Great Wall

First, take Metro Line 4 to Xizhimen station (西直门, 9 stops), then transfer to Yanqing S2 Suburban Railway Line to Badaling. The journey may take about 3 hours. You’d better manage your time first.

To Wangfujing Street

By Metro

You can take the Metro Line 4 to Xidan station (西单, 4 stops), and then take Metro Line 1 to Wangfujing station (王府井, 3 stops). It will take about 40 minutes.

By Bus

You can also take the No.106 bus at the north square of Beijing South Station. The bus will take you to Dongdan Crossing North station. After you get to Dongdan, walk west for about 650m and you will come to Wangfujing Street. The journey will be a little over 1 hour.

From Beijing South to Tianjin

To Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Railway Station is on Haihe East Road. There are 80 daily C-series intercity trains from Beijing South to Tianjin Station. The earliest train departs at 6:13am and the last one at 21:55pm.

Here are some of the C trains from Beijing South to Tianjin:

From Beijing South to Tianjin Station

Beijing South to Tanggu Train Schedule

Tanggu Railway Station is located in the Tanggu District of Tianjin. There are daily 8 pairs of intercity trains with service between Beijing South and Tanggu Station from 07:10 to 20:20. Here are the C trains for your reference:

Beijing South to Tanggu Train Schedule

59 minutes


From Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is on Shenhong Road, Minxing District. There are about 37 daily G-series trains from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The first train departs at 07:00am, and the last one at 17:45:

Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao Station
G10107:0012:365h 36min
G12511:1316:505h 37min
G13914:1619:175h 31min
G14716:1021:505h 40min
G2117:0022:355h 35min
G15717:4523:235h 38min

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