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Chengdu Railway Station

Chengdu Railway StationChengdu Station, also called North Railway Station, is the largest railway passenger hub in Southwest China, 504km (313 miles) from Chongqing City, or 1100km (683 miles) from Kunming City. The ticket windows sell train tickets within 10 days ahead of departure date.

Lines and Trains

Chengdu Railway Station is the departure station of some important railway lines, such as Chengdu-Chongqing Line, Baoji-Chengdu Line, Chengdu-Kunming Line, and Dazhou-Chengdu Line. More than 20 cities, including Guangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Kunming, Nanjing, Chongqing, Fuzhou, Nanchang, Shanghai and Lanzhou, have direct trains to Chengdu.

Chengdu Railway Station Destinations

Transportation to Chengdu Railway Station

By Bus

1. To/from Chengdu Railway Station (成都站): 2, 9, 16, 17, 27, 34, 36, 50, 54, 55, 65, 83, 86, 108, 123, 298, K1, K2

2. To/from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport (成都双流机场): Airport Shuttle Bus 2

3. To/from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station (成都茶店子汽车站): 17 and 86

By Metro

Metro Line 1: straight to Chengdu Railway Station (成都站) Metro Line 2: Tianfu Square Station (天府广场站) - change to Metro Line 1 - Chengdu Railway Station (成都站)

From Chengdu Railway Station to Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东火车站)

Chengdu East Railway Station (成都东火车站) is situated in Wanke Road, Chenghua District.

Take Metro Line 1 (towards Century City Station, 4 stops) to Tianfu Square station, then Metro Line 2 (towards Chengdu Institute of Public Administration Station, 8 stops) to Chengyu Flyover station, and walk northwest about 700 meters. The whole journey takes about 50 minutes.

Alternatively take bus 2 to Chengdu East Station West Square. This may take 1 hour and 10 minutes.

From Chengdu Railway Station to Chengdu West Railway Station (成都南站)

Chengdu South Railway Station is located in Wuhou District, mainly for C-trains bounding Emeishan and Jiangyou. To get there, you can take Metro Line 1, and get off at Chengdu South Railway Station (火车南站) through D1 exit. The whole journey will take about 40 minutes.

Chengdu Railway Station to Lhasa Railway Station

The T22/T23 train will take you to Lhasa Railway Station, which lies southwest of Lhasa City. This is a long journey of 3,360km lasting about 43 hours. The price is RMB 328 for hard seat, 668 to 709 for hard sleeper, or 1062 to 1101 for soft sleeper tickets.

From Chengdu to Lhasa…
T22/T2320:4515:401d 18h 55min

Chengdu Railway Station to Chongqing North Railway Station

There are 11 trains daily serving the railway from Chengdu to Chongqing North Station. Eight of them are D-trains. The D-trains can take you to Chongqing in about 2 hours, and cost RMB 97 for a second class seat or RMB 116 for a first class seat.

If you want a cheaper journey, you may also choose from the two K-trains and the T-train to Chongqing. They take about five or three hours respectively, and cost RMB 46. The table shows some trains for reference.

From Chengdu Station to Chongqing North…
D62807:4009:492h 9min
D511613:5316:012h 8min
D512618:1120:222h 10min
K19409:1714:185h 1min
T5810:2013:283h 8min

Chengdu Railway Station to Kunming Railway Station

Chengdu Railway Station and Kunming Railway Station are linked by six K-trains every day. This is a long journey. Be prepared for overnight travel. The following time table is for your information.

From Chengdu Station to Kunming Station…
K85308:4207:3322h 51min
K11313:0207:1318h 11min
K14513:5710:0820h 11min
K16515:0209:2218h 20min
K113915:0313:0121h 58min
K1504/K150119:0412:3117h 26min

Chengdu Railway Station Destinations

From Chengdu Station to…
D-trainsD6101Mount Qingcheng06:5307:2633min
D6149Lidui Park14:4915:2536min
D5104Chongqing North08:5410:572h 3min
D5154Yingshan13:4315:502h 7min
D5176Guang’an South08:2210:392h 17min
D6150Nanchong15:4218:272h 45min
D5182Dazhou08:1211:012h 49min
D368Wuhan10:4420:239h 39min
D628Shanghai Hongqiao07:4023:3815h 58min
K-trainsK9445Yibin23:3706:437h 6min
K9396Bazhong21:5007:139h 23min
K9455Panzhihua18:5108:0013h 9min
K6Xi’an21:1412:1515h 1min
K113Kunming13:0207:1318h 34min
K9472Longchang17:0012:3919h 39min
K856Lanzhou15:2012:0120h 41min
K692Hankou13:0611:3022h 24min
K1058Xining West11:5612:391d 43min
K818Beijing West19:1821:071d 1h 49min
K870Zhengzhou14:4116:361d 1h 55min
K194Guangzhou09:1713:161d 3h 59min
K246Yangzhou21:3806:351d 8h 57min
K424Ningbo12:2022:551d 10h 35min
K206Qingdao17:3608:441d 15h 8min
K258Tianjin13:5505:581d 16h 3min
K678Yantai16:2308:561d 16h 33min
K386Shenyang North17:4711:101d 17h 48min
K390Fuzhou10:1105:251d 19h 14min
K452Urumchi South19:1318:071d 22h 54min
K1273Hangzhou08:3109:392d 1h 8min
K546Qiqihar07:3913:202d 5h 41min
T-trainsT8906Mianyang13:4615:191h 33min
T8972Jiangyou18:5821:202h 22min
T8865Xichang21:2107:069h 45min
T8870Guangyuan18:2113:2219h 1min
T126Dongguan East22:3505:161d 6h 41min
T22Lhasa20:4515:401d 18h 55min