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Kunming Railway Station

Where the Trains Going to

Kunming Railway StationKunming Railway Station is an important one in the Yunnan Province traffic network. Kunming Railway Station provides passenger transportation to China's major cities, such as Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen and Zhengzhou. Trains from Kunming Railway Station depart for cities within the province like Shilin, Yuxi and Dali every day.

Transportation to Kunming Railway Station

Public buses No. 2, 3, 23, 47, 68 and K1 can take passengers between the city center and the railway station. It is about 15 minutes to go by taxi from city center to railway station, and the cost is about 10 yuan (1.5 USD).

By taking public bus No 2, you can take off at Zhengyi Road Station to visit and do some shopping at the flower market and the nearby pedestrian street. If you get off at Xiaoximen Station, the Green Lake is very close for you to take a walk.

Kunming Railway Station to Lijiang Railway Station

There are six K-trains running daily from Kunming Station to the beautiful ancient city of Lijiang. The train journey lasts between 7 and 11 hours. The ticket price is 89 RMB for a hard seat, 152 RMB for a hard sleeper, and 226 RMB for a soft sleeper.


From Kunming Station to Lijiang Station…
K9612/K961309:4218:158h 33min
K9682/K968312:1019:056h 55min
K9606/K960720:2606:109h 44min
K9686/K968721:1507:039h 48min
K9616/K961721:4007:5010h 10min
K9602/K960322:0608:4910h 43min

Kunming Railway Station to Dali Railway Station

Seven K-trains run daily to Dali which will enable you to experience the minority folk customs there. The journey takes between 5 and 8 hours at a ticket fare of 64 RMB for a hard seat, 105 RMB for a hard sleeper, and 155 RMB for a soft sleeper.


From Kunming Station to Dali Station…
K9612/K961309:4216:036h 21min
K9682/K968312:1017:165h 6min
K9686/K968721:1505:047h 49min
K9616/K961721:4005:498h 9min
K9602/K960322:0606:108h 4min
K9632/K963322:2907:028h 33min
K9636/K963722:4707:228h 35min

Kunming Railway Station to Kunming Attractions

Stone Forest Scenic Area

Kunming Railway Station offers a non-stop tour bus service to the Stone Forest Scenic Area. There are 12 buses in total which run daily from 10:10 to 19:10. A ticket costs 25 RMB and the journey will last for 1½ hours.

Yunnan Nationalities Village

The Yunnan Nationalities Village scenic area can be reached by taking bus 44 heading towards Haigeng Park for 17 stops. This direct route will take approximately 50 minutes. The ticket price is 1 RMB.

Green Lake (Cui Hu)

You can take bus 2 towards Huangtupo for nine stops, ending at Wuyi Road. Green Lake Park is about 400 meters to the north.

Kunming Railway Station Special Tips

Ticket office:

Location:19, Kunshi Road. (昆石路19号)


Kunming Railway Station Overview

Kunming Railway Station, also called Kunming South Railway Station, was finished and put to use in 1958. It is more than 2700 km (1677 miles) from Beijing, 1,100 km (683 miles) from Chengdu, and 811 km (504 miles) from Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Province.

Because of the complex terrain of Yunnan, it takes a comparatively longer time to travel by train. If you would like to take the opportunity to enjoy the scenery along the way, traveling by train will be an interesting experience.

Kunming Railway Station Destinations:

From Kunming Station to…
T-trainsT9004Qujing08:3009:581h 28min
T9028Xuanwei16:3018:582h 28min
T240Beijing West11:0522:3035h 25min
T382Shanghai South18:4912:0941h 20min
K-trainsK9652Mengzibei07:5311:513h 58min
K9682Lijiang12:1019:056h 55min
K9632Dali22:2907:028h 33min
K672Guiyang22:2807:058h 37min
K986Guilin16:0009:3817h 38min
K146Chengdu17:5512:1018h 15min
K984Zhanjiang11:2806:2518h 57min
K168Chongqing12:0807:4019h 32min
K366Guangzhou10:2310:5624h 33min
K1236Jiujiang11:4916:4228h 53min
K1206Shenzhen East08:4913:5529h 6min
K1262Xiangyang07:0012:3129h 31min
K110Wuchang23:0505:0129h 56min
K166Xi’an19:3506:1234h 37min
K338Zhengzhou19:4206:4034h 58min
K156Nanjing17:4009:4540h 5min
K232Xiamen Gaoqi16:3709:2240h 45min
K492Jinan12:4007:2842h 48min
K692Hohhot17:5214:0044h 8min
K636Fuzhou19:0623:2952h 23min
K2286Changchun23:5012:2960h 39min
K1502Urumqi South19:1011:2264h 12min
Other trains6162Panzhihua07:2014:196h 59min
7452Hongguo07:3018:0310h 33min
6062Liupanshui07:5021:0013h 10min