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Chongqing Railway Station

Chongqing Railway Station Taxi Directions

Chinese Name: 重庆
Address: Caiyuan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.
Chinese Address: 重庆市渝中区菜园路
Telephone: 023-61681111
Number of platforms:7
Chongqing Taxi Instruction

Chongqing Railway StationAs the railway transport hub of West China, Chongqing is very advanced in its three-dimensional transport system, having three railway stations: Chongqing Railway Station, Chongqing North Railway Station, and Chongqing South Railway Station.

Chongqing Railway Station is the oldest one of its kind in Chongqing, where the trains leave for the major cities of China. Most of them are ordinary trains and express trains, while the majority of the trains leaving from or for Chongqing North Railway Station are high-speed D-trains. Chongqing South Railway Station is located in Yangjiaping. Although you can buy train tickets there, the passenger trains in this station are all slow trains. If you have other travel options available, it is recommended that you use them rather than traveling on the South Railway Station's lines. An online ticket booking service is also available for visitors, and it is recommended to book in advance.

Lines and Trains

The major railway lines passing through Chongqing Railway Station include Chengdu – Chongqing Railway, Xiangyang – Chongqing Railway, Chongqing – Guiyang Railway, and Chongqing – Huaihua Railway. It is about 4½ hours and 8½ hours from Chongqing Railway Station to Chengdu Railway Station and Guiyang Railway Station respectively. There is another minor line, the Daiwang Railway, leaving for the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing Railway Station. Over 28 pairs of trains run in and out of Chongqing Railway Station, and below is a list of the major train lines running from Chongqing Railway Station to the other railway stations in China:

Common-trainsL1132 /L1133Xining West15:4217:50 next day26h 8min
5612Neijiang8:1817:499h 31min
5629Zunyi8:3018:259h 55min
K-trainsK159Kunming9:2404:40 next day19h 16min
K1247 /K1246Ningbo9:3705:00 the thrid day43h 23min
K1249 /K1252Shanghai South16:2908:48 the thrid day40h 19min
K9566 /K9567Caohai18:1007:20 next day13h 10min
K871 /K874Zhanjiang19:1723:10 next day27h 53min
K9515Guiyang19:4308:10 next day13h 27min
K813 /K812Zhaoqing22:2607:16 the thrid day23h 50min

City Transport to Chongqing Railway Station

Chongqing is one of the few cities in China that does not permit bicycles on the roads, and visitors can catch buses, light rail, cross-river cableways and ferries during a stay in Chongqing. The city transport at Chongqing Railway Station is, on the whole, advanced and convenient.

By Taxi

Visitors can call a taxi everywhere in Chongqing, and taxis are considered to be the most flexible way to travel. The general rate for a taxi in Chongqing is 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers (1.9 miles), 2 RMB for every additional kilometer from the 3rd kilometer to the 12th kilometer, and 2.5 RMB for each additional kilometer from the 12th kilometer during the day (6:00am to 11:00pm).

However, the general rate is 11 RMB for the first 3 kilometers (1.9 miles), and 2.3 RMB for every additional kilometer from the 3rd kilometer to the 12th kilometer, and 3 RMB for each additional kilometer from the 12th kilometer during the night (from 11:00pm to 6:00am).


When getting out of a taxi, you should ask the driver for the invoice. This is especially true around Caiyuanbei Railway Station where there are lots of non-local people. It may turn out that the driver has given you incorrect change or counterfeit cash as some taxis are bogus and not officially registered. Some taxis might take you the wrong way around. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a note of the taxi license number as a precaution against being tricked by a bogus taxi driver.

By Bus

There are two classes of bus. First class buses are air-conditioned and often have less people and better seats, while ordinary buses are not air-conditioned. The initial rate for an ordinary bus is 1 RMB, and that of the air-conditioned buses is 1.5 RMB. In the city, most buses run from about 5:30am to about 10:30pm. Of course, there are plenty of private vehicles for hire. Numerous buses are available from different parts of Chongqing to Chongqing Railway Station, of which the following buses can take you there directly: 0492, 0800, 108, 112, 113, 115, 120, 125, 166, 168, 201, 202, 205, 207, 208, 210, 215, 220, 225, 232, 239, 245, 248, 253, 255, 261, 265, 267, 270, 276, 279, 280, 281, 318, 319, 347, 501, 503, 519, 803, 843, 857, 859, 862, 862, 892, and B70.

By Metro

The metro line, operating from 7:00am to 10:00pm daily, is an ideal choice for visitors, and both metro lines 1 and 3 are near Chongqing Railway Station; therefore, it is very convenient for visitors to transfer to Chongqing Railway Station by metro line, especially metro line 3.

The 66-kilometer (41-mile) long metro line 3 is considered to be the most effective and convenient one of its kind in Chongqing. It connects Ba’nan District, Nan’an District, Yuzhong District, Jiangbei District, and Yubei District, and links Jiangbei Airport, Chongqing Railway Station and the four bus stations of Chongqing (Caiyuanbei Long Distance Bus Station, Nanping Bus Station, Hongqihegou Bus Station, and Longtou Temple Bus Station) as one. It also passes by Yudong, Huaxin, Nanping, Caiyuanbei, Lianglukou, Niujiaotuo, Guanyinqiao, Hongqihegou, Xinpaipang, and Longtou Temple along its way.

Transport to the Other Railway Stations in Chongqing

To Chongqing North Railway Station

Located at 51 Kunlun Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing, Chongqing North Railway Station can be reached by taking buses 210, 318, 402, 429, 462, 501, and 808 as well as metro line 3 from Chongqing Railway Station, and it takes about 40 minutes between the two sites.

To Chongqing South Railway Station

Chongqing South Railway Station is located at 222, Tieluer Village, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. Visitors can take bus 207 to Qianjin Road Stop from Chongqing Railway Station, and then transfer to bus 438 to Chongqing South Railway Station. It takes about one and a half hours between the two sites.

To Chaotianmen Wharf

Located at Binjiang Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, Chaotianmen Wharf can be reached by taking buses 461 and 608 and metro line 1 from Chongqing Railway Station, from which visitors can enjoy a cruise along the Three Gorges to appreciate the natural beauty of Chongqing. Visitors can also take a taxi to the wharf from Chongqing Railway Station for a fare of 12 RMB.

Chongqing Railway Station to Jiangbei Airport

Jiangbei Airport (Lianglu Town, Yubei District) is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) northeast of Chongqing Railway Station, and there are airport shuttle buses running between the two sites from 6:00am to 9:00pm daily, taking about 40 minutes to get there from the station. When leaving Chongqing Railway Station, visitors walk about 630 meters (2,067 feet) to Shangqing Temple by passing through Xiangyang Tunnel, and take an airport bus (with a ticket fee of 15 RMB per person) to Jiangbei Airport. Another alternative to get to Jiangbei Airport is by bus, and visitors can take buses 108 or 168 directly to Jiangbei Airport from Chongqing Railway Station. Subway line 3 can also be taken to get to Jiangbei Airport from Chongqing Railway Station.

Chongqing Railway Station to the Major Chongqing Scenic Spots

Bus 503 takes visitors from Chongqing Railway Station to Ciqikou Old Town.

Bus 129 takes visitors from Chongqing Railway Station to Zhongshan Road, and then visitors can walk to the Dazu Grottoes.

Bus 207 takes visitors from Chongqing Railway Station to Miaoxiangou Stop, and then visitors can walk 500 meters (1,640 feet) to Chongqing Zoo.

Buses 402 and 463 take visitors directly to the Chongqing Liberation Monument from Chongqing Railway Station.

Chongqing Railway Station Facilities

Occupying an area of 250,000 square meters (2,690,000 square feet), Chongqing Railway Station (also known as Caiyuanbei Railway Station locally) neighbors the Yangtze River and Caiyuanbei Bridge. Its service facilities mainly include six VIP halls of various sizes, one international cushioned-seat waiting hall, four key passenger waiting halls, four ordinary waiting halls, one special waiting room for soldiers, two footbridges, two automatic escalators, and seven elevators. Restaurants, book stalls, mini-theaters, and tea houses are also available in the railway station, most of which are distributed on the second floor.

Chongqing Railway Station has been modernized since 1976 and it has a tandem layout now, which is composed of the receiving-departing yard, the transferring yard, and the switch yard with nine systems that are well-equipped for the convenience of visitors. These systems include a TV monitoring and controlling system, luggage automatic weighing system, railway waybill system, inquiry system, wireless communication system, automatic broadcasting system, computer management system, automatic checking system, and self-guiding system. What’s more, each ticket window is equipped with two screens, one of which is for conductors, and the other is for passengers; therefore, passengers can know the sale status of train tickets before purchasing them. Both subway lines 1 and 3 can take you to Chongqing Railway Station.

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tell me about what can i do with my luggae at Chongqing I arrive at the station early in the morning and I want to go to the Zoo and visit Grottes and at night I must take the crusie please help
You can either deposit your luggage at the train station or at the Chaotianmen port(from where you'll board your cruise ship for Yangtze river).Dazu Grottes is about 130km from Chongqing city center, It will take you 2.5 hrs' drive, or even longer if you take bus. can I suggest a pacakge tour for you? It is US$194 per perons(based on 2 people). our guide and driver will pick you up from train station then take you to visit panda in the zoo(the best time to visit panda is in the monring when they have meal), the go to Dazu and finally drop you off at the port for your ship. we included entrance fees and meal in the quote. Leon Long Replied on 01:59 AM Jun. 13 2012
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Can i go Tibet from this station ??
You can get to Lhasa by train from chengdu as long as you book the tour package including the train travel from chengdu to lhasa. however the chance to get the train tickets is very slim from June till Oct for traveling to Lhasa as the huge demand of the tickets for many officials working in lhasa,huge amount of chinese tourists traveling to Lhasa.Flight tickets are comparatively easier to book. Sammi Dai Replied on 05:17 AM Mar. 19 2012