Dragon Boat Racing

The most popular activity done during the Dragon Boat Festival is the racing of Dragon Boats. The local people were also said to have paddled out on boats, either to scare the fish away or to retrieve his body. This is said to be the origin of dragon boat racing. The dragon boat races represent the attempts to rescue and recover the body of Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan, who named Ping and styled himself Yuan, was Chu person of Warring States over 1,700 years. He was the earliest famous poet in China. See Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall and learn more of Quyuan.

The custom of Dragon Boat Race might begin from the southern China. They selected the 5th lunar day of the 5th lunar month as the totem ceremony. The dragon was the main symbol on the totem, because Chinese thought they were son of dragon. They also made dragon-like canoe. Later, Chinese connected this custom with Duan-Wu festival. Since this was the event only in the southern China,his might be why Dragon Boat Race doesn't that popular in entire China today. But we can see yearly Dragon Boat Race events in Honk Hong and Taiwan. The picture shows a person lying on the top of dragon head of the boat to prepare to catch the flag of target to win the race.

Now, the Dragon Boat Race becomes an international event. This sport is popular in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Honk Hong, Singapore etc. Some organization's events aren't held around the Dragon Boat Festival. Some are in July, August or September. You need to check their websites for the schedules. China Highlights can help you design a tour to see a dragon boat racing and other highlights of China.

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