Wall of Zhao State

Zhao was one of the seven most influential powers during the Warrior States Period: a dark, chaotic era when independent states fought to expand their territories.

Zhao governed the vast regions of middle and northeastern Shanxi Province as well as southwestern Hebei Province. To defend against northern nomadic tribes and other states, Zhao began to construct defense lines along its northern and southern borders. Some scattered ruins of those two ancient walls are still visible in the regions around Cixian County and Linzhang in Hebei Province. Search a Great Wall Tour

Other sections of Zhao walls were constructed in what is today's Inner Mongolia. The part at the foot of Daquingsnan Mountain near Holhot is still recognizable. Similar to the Qin wall, this section was constructed mainly with rammed earth, while rampart stones were used in mountainous valleys. A part of the Zhao Wall was discovered in Wusutu, northwest of Holhot. Although this is not the best preserved Zhao Wall, it is easily accessible.

Zhao State Wall

Map of Zhao State Wall
Map of Zhao State Wall, click here to enlarge