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Hong Kong Weather in August

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Weather:Temperature and humidity remain high in August, with occasional showers, thunderstorms and typhoons. The average low and high temperatures are 26 °C (79 °F) and 31 °C (88 °F). August is the wettest month, with 445 mm (18 in) of rain falling during an average of 17 days.

Clothing:Wear summer clothes and sun protection.

Hong Kong August 2013 Weather Data Graphs

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Things to Do

repulse bayRepulse Bay

During the summer months, the fine white beaches andthe natural parks are wide open for your enjoyment. During rainy weather during the typhoon season, you can take refuge in the malls orone of the fine local museums.

Shopping:Though discounts and sales are available in Hong Kong all year round, the months of July, August, and December are the hottest months for shopping in Hong Kong.

Tung Wan Beach: This beach on Ma Wan Island is a great beach for tourists. It is one of about 30 of Hong Kong's well-managed public beaches that you can choose from. They have lifeguards, clean bathrooms, and shark nets.

But it isunique in Hong Kong for its combination of beautiful and interesting scenery, nearby attractions, and good restaurants and cafes. The safe, clean swimming beach and the facilities makes it especially good for families with children.

Hong Kong Global Geopark: Some small islands off the coast haveamazing rock formations. These islands are unique and notable and are listed by UNESCO as a Geopark. To see these, contact us to book a boat tour. It is a chance to do some cruising in the sea and see beautiful scenery.

avenue of starsAvenue of Stars
  • Great scenic views
  • Good beach restaurants
  • Part of Ma Wan Park
  • Next to Noah's Ark and Tsing Ma Bridge
  • One of the world's longest suspension bridges passes over it.

Hong Kong Space Museum: During summer's inclement weather, you can take refuge in the Space Museum on the Avenue of Stars along Victoria Harbor. The Space Shuttle's front end and the OMNIMAX projection dome are two interesting parts of the museum.

Travel: August isn't a busy travel month. Storms during the typhoon season occasionally disrupt travel though. Let us help you book flights.

China Highlights Tours

Let us help you plan a personalized Hong Kong tour. If you are interested in touring the region including any of these places and want to book reservations for hotels or tickets, contactus for help.

See the best of Hong Kong with our Hong Kong tour packages. Our tours are developed through years of experience and customer feedback, reasonably priced, and can be customized to your requirements.

Hong Kong Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
August 192 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 292 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 392 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 492 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 592 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 692 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 792 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 892 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 992 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1092 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1192 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1292 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1392 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1492 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1592 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1692 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1792 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1892 °F33.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
August 1992 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2092 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2192 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2292 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2392 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2492 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2592 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2692 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2792 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2892 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 2992 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 3092 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C
August 3192 °F33.33 °C74 °F23.33 °C

Hong Kong Climate Information by Month