Macau Museum

For tourists, Macau is more than a location for the world's biggest casino resorts. It has a 400-year-long Portuguese colonial history. Visit the Macau Museum in Monte Fort to learn about everything from the history and culture of the former colony to the latest architecture and urban planning for the region.

Great Location and Good Displays

The Macau Museum is the main museum established by the government of Macau, and the government has filled the three floors of the museum with displays and demonstrations that interest tourists.

More than that, Monte Fort (1627) is a large 100-meter-square structure noted as being one of the major edifices of the UNESCO World Heritage Historic Center of Macau. It is simply one of the most interesting and well preserved ancient European structures in China.

The top of the battlements of the fort are noted for the excellent dusk scenery. As the casinos light up and mix with the colors of the sunset, the result is quite beautiful if the weather is right. It is an ideal place to see Macau from on high.

Museum Layout

  • The first floor contains displays and relics of the early history, with an emphasis on the mix of cultures and the major events happening in Europe and the Ming Empire and Qing Empire.
  • The second floor is devoted to the culture of the region.
  • The third floor presents artistic work along with urban planning and architectural displays.

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