Detian Waterfall


Detian Waterfall is a transnational waterfall in the Sino-Vietnamese border, ranking the largest transnational waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest transnational waterfall in the world.


1. It takes about 3 hours from Nanning City to the Detian Waterfall.

2. It is the highlight in Detian Waterfall Scenic Area.

3. In spring, the fiery-red kapoks peculiar to the south scatter around the waterfall and make it more beautiful.

4. Visitors can enjoy the cascade groups, boating, or fishing at the foot of the mountains.


Located in Shuolong Town (硕龙镇), Daxin County (大新县), Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Detian Waterfall originates from the Guichun River which passes Vietnam and winds back Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. When the Guichun River arriving at the bluff in Detian Village, Daxin County, then the Detian Waterfall formed. Up on the about 200-meter wide bluff, the waterfall pours down with the drop of 70 meters. Visitors can the resonant roars kilometers away. If who visit the waterfall early in the morning, he would enjoy the rainbow when the rising sun shining on the mist upon the waterfall.

The Detian Waterfall is divided into three layers: the upper layer, the gradual slope, and the lower layer. In the upper layer, the water rushes along the almost vertical bluff, and pours down into the deep pool with silvery spray splashing upon the pool. Then the waterfall comes to the gradual slop, in which the waterfall has an opportunity to relax after the onrush before and gather momentum for the grandest lower layer. In the lower layer, the water rushes down and open a marvelous natural picture with wide water screen and surrounding green trees. In summer, the Detian waterfall has the largest water flow.

Travel Essentials

How to get there

1. Everyday, there is a shuttle bus directly departing to the Detian Waterfall Scenic Area from Langdong Bus Station in Nanning at 09:00 a.m, and returning to Nanning 03:30 p.m.

2. Everyday, there are many buses departing to Daxin County form Beida Bus Station in Nanning, visitors can transfer a bus to the scenic area after arriving at Daxin County.

Tickets Price: 80 yuan per adult, 50 yuan for children with the height between 1.20 meters (3.9 ft) and 1.40 meters (4.6 ft), and free for children under 1.20 meters (3.9 ft).

Best Time to Visit: From April to November ever year, the waterfall has large water flow.

Nearby Attractions

1. Tongling Grand Canyon in Jinxi County

It is a closed crayon with rectangle shape, about 37 kilometers from the Detian Waterfall. Visitors there can enjoy the waterfall with the biggest drop in China and the wonder of cliff burial, and visit the unique buildings in Zhuang style and the primeval forest with many rare plants.

2. Mingshi Scenic Area in Daxin County

The rural scenery in Mingshi Village is honored as ‘little Guilin’ for its green mountains and blue waters. The beautiful natural rural scenery can be found all around the village.

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Questions and Answers About Detian Waterfall

Christine 2013-02-04
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Hallo,It is possible for us, if we go to Detian waterfall and return in the same day ?How about the bus schedule ? There is the fix bus schedule ? We plan to go in July.And please info the hostel near the Langdong Bus Station.Thanks
Dear Christine, I only search one bus from Langdong bus staton to Detian waterfall directly on 8:30am. It takes about 3 hours and it costs about CNY50/US$8 per person. When you go back to Nanning, you need to take a taxi to Daxin bus station, then take a bus to Nanning. I think it will be not convenient to travel by yourselves. I suggest you book a one-day tour when you arrive in Nanning. The travel agency in Nanjing can provides this tour for you. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-02-04
Carla 2012-05-03
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How much time does it take to travel by bus to Detian falls from Nanning ? I have read any where from 3 to 5 hours. The shuttle bus leaves at 9 am but returns before 3.30. How is this possible if it takes 3 hours each way ? Help
it is about 250 km from Nanning to Detian waterfall. It will take about 5 hours. I don't know how the shuttle bus work but the return one can be another one. guest replied on 2012-05-04
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