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Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area

Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area is located at Zhenning Buyi Miao Autonomous County of Anshun, 45 kilometers away from the downtown, 128 kilometers from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou province. It is Guizhou’s No. one tourist attraction.

Its highlight is one of the largest waterfalls of Asia: Huangguoshu Waterfall reaching a width of 81 meters and plunging 68 meters down into Xiniu Pool (Rhinoceros Pool) which is an 11-meter-deep (36 feet) Rhinoceros shaped pool, sending foams up by 100 meters. And roars can be heard kilometers away. Rainbow appears in sunny days, adding a touch of beauty to the majesty of the cataract. It together with other 18 waterfall forms a spectacular waterfall group which is appraised as the largest waterfall group in the world by Guinness World Records. Besides, there are four subterranean rivers and 100 caves and massive Karst complex covering some 450 square kilometers.  

huangguoshu waterfall

The sight of Huanghuoshu Waterfall changes according to different seasons for the volume of the water varies during rainy season (May to October) and dry season (November to April). It typically peaks in July and August with a flow of more than 700 cubic meters of water per second, and down to the smallest at December and January when the waterfall segmented as four pieces of white cloth hanging on the cliff.

Comparing with other famous waterfalls around the world, Huangguoshu Waterfall is one of few waterfalls that can be viewed from above, below, front, back, left and right in the world. There is a Water-Curtain Cave named "Shuiliandong" in Chinese located at the halfway up the cliff back of the waterfall. It is a 134 m (440 ft) long naturally formed cave which allows visitors to not only view, but also hear and touch the waterfall. Visitors can admire rainbow arches the waterfall from the cave during the period from 9am to 5pm in a sunny day.