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Shanghai Massage Centers and Spas

Chinese massage

There are many massage centers and spas in Shanghai: from the Southeast-Asian-themed Taipan Spa to specialists like Liangzi Foot Massage to full-service garden spas like Hongxuan. Here are our recommendations for a relaxing time.

Taipan Spa (大班休闲 Spa)

This Southeast-Asia-themed spa center boasts top-end services and exotic atmosphere.

  • Dagu Road Branch 大沽路店: 370, Dagu Road, Jing'an District (静安区大沽路370号). Bus 36, 253, 869, 933, or 974.
  • Xiexu Road Branch 斜徐路店: 595 Xiexu Road, Luwan District (卢湾区斜徐路595号). Bus 253.

Liangzi Foot Massage (良子足浴)

This nation-wide chain brand has a great reputation in Shanghai, specializing in foot massage but with other relaxing services. 

  • Yichuan Road Branch 宜川路店: 299 Yichuan Road, Putuo District (宜川路299号). Bus 78, 128, 224, 321, 510, 844, 858, or 869.
  • Pujian Branch 浦建店: 111 Pujian Road, Pudong New District (浦东新区浦建路111号). Bus 12, Puwei route.

Hongxuan Spa (红轩 Spa)

A professional full-service spa center, catering for all aspects of the body and soul's rejuvenation. The garden-like decoration is an extra bonus.

  • 639 Xinhua Road, Changning District (长宁区新华路639号)