Shigatse Weather

Three Types of Climate

  • A cold, bleak, somewhat arid monsoon climate is prevalent on the Tibetan plateau region north of the Himalaya mountains.
  • A semi-frigid and semi-arid/arid monsoon climate prevails in the Himalayas.
  • Finally, a mild, somewhat humid, monsoon climate is found in the extreme south of the prefecture near the border with Nepal.

Traveling in the Summer

Summer is the best time to visit Shigatse as the temperatures are only somewhat cool. Winter time can be too cold to travel in Tibet. Additionally, the weather during the summer is more stable and enjoyable than it is in the winter, but you should still be prepared for swift changes in the weather.

What Clothes to Bring

Bring multiple layers of long-sleeved, warm clothing with you so you will be prepared no matter the temperature. The temperature at night is much lower than it is during the day even during the summer, so also be prepared with cold weather gear like a hat, gloves, a scarf and a thick winter coat.


In the middle of June, the lowest temperature in Lhasa is about 9 °C or 48 °F. The highest temperature that time of year is about 23 °C, or 73 °F. Areas to the west of Lhasa like Shigatse are typically much cooler. In Shigatse you should expect a temperature drop of between 2 °C and 6 °C.

Rainfall and Sunlight

You will not need to worry about much rainfall in summer. As it does not usually rain in Shigatse or the surrounding areas in mid-June an umbrella should not be necessary. The average rainfall in June is only about 1 millimeter (0.04 inches)!

The sunlight can give you sunburn in Shigatse because of the high altitude. Be prepared with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Wear long sleeves and pants to avoid having your arms and legs burned. Taking a few steps to be prepared before your journey will make your trip more enjoyable.

Mount Everest Climate

Mount Everest's North Base Camp is in the south of Shigatse Prefecture, sitting 5,200 meters (17,000 feet) above sea level. The weather at the base camp is typically very cold, with temperatures at the base camp often being below zero, although the sun can be very intense at that altitude.

Questions and Answers About Shigatse Weather

gary 2011-05-01
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We are visiting Lhasa in Mid June this year 2011. Could you please tell me what type of weather , temps, rains etc I can expect
Hi Gary, The temperature in mid June in Lhasa is about 9 degrees (48F) as the lowest temperature and 23 degrees (73F) as the highest temperature. If you go out of Lhasa and visit other cities westwards, a cooler climate is expected (the temperature would drop 2-6 degrees). It seldom rains in Lhasa, an average rainfall in June is around 0.04 in/1 mm. From my experience, the weather itself is not the biggest concern, the altitude is. I am glad to share some tips with you, besides, suncream, sunglasses and hats are necessary for the tour. Tips to avoid Acute Mountain Sickness,however a more important note is that customers with heart attack or hypertension should not visit Tibet, - Do exercises to keep you fit before coming to Tibet. - Avoid catching a cold. - Make sure you have a good sleep the night before you fly to Lhasa. - You'd better not to take any activities for the first day in Tibet. - After getting off your airplane in the airport, walk slowly, drink slowly, take some deep breath. Do not do anything severely. - Ascend to higher altitude gradually. DO NOT ASCEND ANY HIGHER if you feel bad. - Prepare some AMS pills according to your doctor's suggestion, vitamin B and C can make you feel better sooner. -The hotels out of Lhasa are simple in food and facilities, be well prepared. -Once you get out of Lhasa city, toilets are not available, sometimes a toilet is just a hole on the ground or behind bushes or rocks. Candy Candy Wei replied on 2011-05-03
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