2-Day Hangzhou West Lake & Dragon Well Tea

Hangzhou and Suzhou are rivals for the position of "Heaven on Earth" and it truly is hard to separate them. Set on the magnificent Westlake, Hangzhou will enchant you with its classical beauty. There are two choices to see different beauty of Hangzhou depend on your time.

2-Day West Lake and Dragon Well Tea Journey


  • See fantastic stone Buddhist carvings in Lingyin Temple
  • Relax on the romantic West Lake on a small boat
  • Taste Hangzhou's unique Dragon Well Tea and experience its culture
  • Have a look at the ancient millionaire's life in the Former Residence of Xueyan

What's Included

  • Entrance to scenic spots listed in the itinerary
  • Lunches mentioned in itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Private tour guide and driver service

Price Per Person in US Dollars

Nov.1 - Mar.31 Deluxe Class Superior Class
2-5 People $359 $289
6-9 People $279 $199
Apr.1- Oct.31    
2-5 People $399 $299
6-9 People $319 $209

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 Hangzhou Arrival, Visit West Lake and Lingyin Temple
West Lake

Your private tour guide, driver and car will wait for you at the airport/train station, and transfer you to the city to begin your sightseeing tour at West Lake and Lingyin Temple. West Lake, the symbol of Hangzhou, is a place of tranquility. Visit Fairy Island, and see one of the Ten Best Views of West Lake - Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. The occasional pagoda and Chinese-style arched bridges add atmosphere to the tree-lined walkways. Lush islands and hills make West Lake a very special part of any China experience.

As one of the most important Buddhist temples in China, Lingyin Temple boasts many pagodas and Buddhist grottoes. The Happy Buddha is one of the most impressive stone Buddhas there. Flying Peak is an outstanding Buddhist grotto site. Be sure not to miss the amazing stone carvings in the stone cliff face of the mountain. Lunch is excluded.

This tour is only suitable for customers who arrive at Hangzhou in the morning or at noon. Our tour guides are flexible as they arrange your tour. We suggest you take the tour the next day if you reach Hangzhou in the afternoon.

3-star hotel: West Lake Golden Plaza Hotel/similar hotel
4-star hotel: Haihua Hotel Hangzhou/similar hotel
5-star hotel: Sofitel Westlake Hotel/similar hotel

Good to know:
Flights to Hangzhou:

Most major Chinese cities have flights to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport such as Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hong Kong and Lhasa.

Popular Ways to Travel West Lake

Biking/Walking Around West Lake
West Lake is considered one of the best biking routes in China. The most popular biking/walking avenues are Su Causeway and Bai Causeway. These two causeways allow you to see most of the scenery of West Lake. And no motor vehicles are allowed so they are quite safe for biking and walking.
Tip: Biking in summer is not recommended because of very hot weather and crowds.

Enjoy a Leisurely Time on a Boat
Take a boat cruise to visit some of West Lake's islands. Three Pools Mirroring the Moon is the must visit place if you take a boat. Most docks have boats to this sight. The highlight of boating is to enjoy a leisurely time on the peaceful lake and see the mountains, bridges, and pagodas from across the water.

Night Shows
Impression West Lake — the night show on West Lake
Impression West Lake is an outdoor live performance. Performed in the evening, with lights, music, and dancing on its West Lake stage, it tells a beautiful love story in five acts: "Encounter", "Falling in Love", "Say Goodbye", "Memory", and "Impression". The show is available from March to December. If you are interested in the night show, feel free to ask your guide to arrange it for you.

Tickets: 250 yuan (40 USD) – 600 yuan (100 USD)
Best times: spring and fall
April to October: 7:45–8:45
March, November, December: 7:15–8:15
If the weather is good and demand is high, there may be a second performance from 9:45 to 10:45.

Music fountain show
There is a free music fountain at Lakeside Third Park Dock, West Lake. The fountain area is 126 meters long, erupting into life twice in the day and four times in the early evening.

Begins: 10:00 am, 3:30 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm, 8:30 pm, 9:00 pm
Lasting: 15 minutes in daytime, 10 minutes at night

Day 2 Experience In-Dept Dragon Well Tea Culture, Hangzhou Departure

Chinese Dragon Well Tea

Before you start your exploration of Chinese Dragon Well Tea culture, first visit the Former Residence of Xueyan Hu. You will see the very well-preserved old Qing Dynasty house of Xueyan Hu, a famous and rich Chinese businessman who had 13 wives.

You will also get to take part in a series of activities to learn about Hangzhou's Dragon Well Tea (Longjing Tea). First is a visit to Meijiawu tea village to experience local farmers planting, picking, refining and tasting tea. Morning is the best time to visit the village and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Local Hangzhou style Lunch is included.

Next visit the China Tea Museum to learn about the origin, history, present and future of Chinese tea. You will see some exquisite teapots used in the past. Later, you will climb up Chenghuang Pavilion to enjoy a tea performance. The pavilion is also an optimum spot for people to get a bird eye view of Hangzhou.

After the tour, we will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight.

Good to know:

If you are not interested in the Tea culture, you can choose to take the Essence Walking Tour in Hangzhou. The walking starts from Qinghefang Pedestrian Street which illustrates the long history of Hangzhou in a nutshell. One of the highlights of the street is Hu Qingyu Hall Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine Museum.

After a stroll on the street, you will climb up to Wushan Mountain which is 100m high. It is worthy to visit Chenghuang Ge Pavilion that on the top of the peak to enjoy bird's eye view of Qiantangjiang River, the West Lake, Hangzhou city and hills around. Your guide will walk with you to explore the city and tell you stories that local people are familiar with.

Trip Notes

1. West Lake Tourist Map

Map of West Lake

2. What is the best time to visit Hangzhou?

You can visit Hangzhou at any time. Hangzhou in every season has different beautiful scenery Spring and autumn are more popular because of hot summer and chilly winter weather. Avoid Chinese national holidays like May 1st, or China National Day (Oct.1th-7th). The landmark West Lake is popular on weekends.

3. How to get Hangzhou?

From most cities
There are flights/trains from most cities to Hangzhou. 

From Shanghai
We suggest you arrive at Hangzhou by train from Shanghai, which can be as short as 1 hour. Private car transfer from Shanghai to Hangzhou is not offered due to the limitation of cars/buses from other cities on weekdays.. High speed train tickets and flight tickets booking service are offered.

From/to Yellow Mountain 
Regular coaches run between Hangzhou and the Yellow Mountains, a 3h journey.

It takes about 1h to Hangzhou’s city center from the airport and 30 min from Hangzhou East Railway Station. Hangzhou Railway Station is downtown. It takes 30 min by subway between the two railway stations.

4. Extend to Hangzhou’s neighbors

To Wuzhen Water Town (1-2 days)
It only takes about one hour to arrive at Wuzhen Water Town from Hangzhou. Things to do in Wuzhen: walk along the west section, (Xizha, to see local life. Stay one night to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The night scene of Wuzhen ancient town is marvelous.

To Shanghai (1-2 days)
Add Shanghai before or after the Hangzhou tour, and see the essence of Shanghai: Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, the Bund and Zhujiajiao Water Town.

To Suzhou (1-2 days)  
Extend to Suzhou to see its typical Chinese gardens and ancient water towns. Enrich your itinerary with Suzhou's must-see highlights: Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden/ The Garden of the Master of Nets, cruise along the Grand Canal and water towns such as Tongli.  

To the Yellow Mountain (3-4 days)
A 3-hour coach will take you to the Yellow Mountain from Hangzhou. Take a cable car up to the Yellow Mountain's "Four Wonders": imaginatively-named pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs. Staying on the mountains for a sunrise should not be missed. Add Hongcun/Tunxi Ancient Street for some ancient Anhui architecture.

5. 72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Transit travelers from 51 countries, using Xiaoshan International Airport, and holding a visa and air ticket for a third country can stay in Hangzhou for up to 72 hours without a visa. It is a great opportunity for foreign visitors to go shopping, go sightseeing, or do business in Hangzhou.

The 51 countries are Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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