Hangzhou Travel Guide

the west lakeThe scenery of West Lake in Hangzhou. 

Hangzhou, abbreviated to Hang, also called Lin'an, Qiantang and Wulin in ancient times, is located in the middle part of the south-east of China, near Shanghai.  It is the capital of Zhejiang Province, and it is in the north of this province. Hangzhou is one of the Four Garden Cities in China, along with Nanjing, Changchun and Kunming.

In the Yuan Dynasty, Marc Polo — an Italian traveler said Hangzhou was the "most beautiful and prosperous city in the world".

Hangzhou is one of the Seven Ancient Capital Cities, and people lived there over 8,000 years ago. 2,200 years ago, the Wuyue State in the Five Dynasties and the Northern Song Dynasty set their capital there. It has been famed as the "Heaven on Earth" since ancient times.

Located in the south of the Yangtze River Delta, west of Hangzhou Bay, in the lower reaches of the Qiantang River and at the south end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Hangzhou is the vice center city in the Yangtze River Delta. It plays an important role in politics, economy, culture, transportation, communication, media and finance.

Hangzhou is one of the main exhibition cities in China. It is the city which permanently hosts the World Leisure Expo, the China International Animation Festival and the China International Micro Film Festival.

In 2016, the China University Games will be held in Hangzhou.


Qiantang Tide-viewing Festival

Every year on the 18th day in autumn of China's Lunar New Year, the Qiantang Tide-viewing Festival is held in the Qiantang Tide-viewing Resort. Visitors can not only see the spectacular view of the tide, but can also take part in the series of cultural, sports and tourism activities.

West Lake Expo

Founded in 1929, the West Lake Expo is regarded as one of the Four Grand Ceremonies, along with the Chicago Expo founded in 1893, the Paris Expo in 1900 and the Philadelphia Expo in 1927.

Local products

Hangzhou silk, West Lake Longjing (Dragon Well) tea, West Lake lotus root starch, Jingshan tea, Hangzhou white chrysanthemums, West Lake silk umbrellas and Lin'an pecans.


Hangzhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate. The average temperature is 17.5°C (63.5°F). The highest temperature in July is 33°C (91°F) and the lowest is 1°C (34°F) in January. The annual precipitation is 1,454 millimeters and the sunshine duration is 1,765 hours. Hangzhou is one of the new 'Four Ovens', along with Fuzhou, Chongqing and Nanchang.

Best times to visit:

It is hot in summer and cold in winter, so the best times to visit Hangzhou are in spring and autumn.

West Lake — the Legend of Hangzhou

It is located in the western part of Hangzhou, in the downtown area. It was called Wulinshui, Qiantang Lake and Xizi Lake. It has been called West Lake since the Song Dynasty.

It is famous for its stunning scenery and various historical sites. It is described as a paradise.

West Lake is gorgeous all year around. The spring flowers, the summer lotuses, the autumn moon and the winter snow, all make it so charming. The scenery around the Su Causeway and the Bai Causeway is also stunning.

Questions and Answers About Hangzhou Travel Guide

Nini hartini 2013-12-07
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Hello, I am from Indonesia with my husband planning go to putoushan island . we are traveller. how i go to putoushan island from hangzhou? or do you have local tour putoushan island ?
Hi Nini, you will need to take train from Hangzhou to Ningbo then take taxi from Ningbo to the dock and then take boat to Putuoshan. We have local tour to Putuoshan Island, it is about USD300/day/person for a group of 2 to 5 persons. Please let me know if you want me to arrange the tour for your group. Simon Huang replied on 2013-12-07
Judy 2013-03-22
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Hello, I am in the early stages of planning a trip to China. Is it possible to fly from Hangzhou to Lhasa?
Dear Judy, You could take a flight from Hangzhou to Lhasa, there is one flight every day. It sets off on 8:05am and arrive there on 14:15pm. You could book it on our website. Please click: http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-flights/ Lussie Lu replied on 2013-03-22
Joseph tiong Chung Kien 2013-01-11
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I am from Sibu,Sarawak,Malaysia organizing a group of 8 adults to Hanzhou this September for about 7/8 days and in between we are going to Fuzhou. we will arrive at Hanzhou from KL on 8/09/2013 and depart Hanzhou for Kl on 15/09/2013.we require a quotation of the tour fare inclusive of guide fees,train tickets,standard hotels etc.
Hi Joseph, thank you for your question. Regarding your inquiry for Hangzhou tour, please check your email for details. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have further question and request. Lily Lee replied on 2013-01-13
Jessie 2013-01-07
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Hi. My husband and I will be in Hangzhou from 25 April to 30 April. We are budget traveller. Can you qiote a tour package includimg Shanghai with hotel stay. Thank you. Jessie
Hi Jessie, I would you tailor a tour itinerary for you including Hangzhou and Shanghai, but could you please advise how many days would you want to stay in Shanghai? You will stay in in Hangzhou from 25 April to 30 April. Do you have any special things to do there? Could you please let me know your budget on this trip? The more we know from you, the more accurate the tour itinerary will be. If anything, please feel free to contact me at coco@chinahighlights.net Regards, Coco Coco Yang replied on 2013-01-08
Mahendra 2012-12-24
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I am based in Shanghai and would like to plan a one day trip to Hangzhou this week. Can you give me a quote including the places of interests as well alongwith guide services

Hi Mahendra, we are very happy to arrange it for you. How many people are there in your group, please? Would you like private car or bullet train as transportation between Shanghai and Hangzhou? What is the exact date to take the tour, please?

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-12-25
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