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Huangshan Travel Guide

The Yellow MountainsThe Yellow Mountains

If Huangshan contained only its graceful Yellow Mountains, it would still rank as one of China’s top destinations. But Anhui Province’s southernmost prefecture is much more. It is an ocean of peculiar-shaped rocks, a bevy of wondrous-shaped pine trees, and a historical continuance of villages with the Ming and Qing Dynasty styles.

Now a popular international tourist destination, Huangshan is steeped in history and picturesque natural landscapes. Breathe deeply on the Yellow Mountains, drop in to the ancient-styled dwellings in Xidi and Hongcun villages, then have a taste of Huangshan’s most famous tea — Maofeng tea (毛峰茶), one of China’s top 10 tea. 


  • The seas of clouds on the Yellow Mountains
  • The sunrise and the sunset over the Yellow Mountains — hotels are available on the top of the Yellow Mountains
  • A comfortable bath in the hot springs at the Yellow Mountains
  • The peaceful and graceful ancient villages at the foot of the Yellow Mountains — Hongcun and Xidi, which are always the fieldwork destinations of art students
  • Shexian County and Yixian County, places of classical idyllic life in Eastern China with historical uniqueness (both are about 1.5 hours’ drive from the Yellow Mountains)
Shexian County, HuangshanShexian County

Planning a Huangshan Trip

Huangshan City is about 410 km southwest from Shanghai. It is a tourist destination often combined with Shanghai and Hangzhou (about 250 km east). The Yellow Mountains is a highlight of Huangshan Prefecture. So buses directly linking Shanghai/Hangzhou and the Yellow Mountains are available every day.

Cable cars are available on the Yellow Mountains. You don't need to do much mountian climbing to get to the tops. Stone steps and amenities are provided on all major paths.

hongcun villageHongcun Village

China Highlights’ 3-Day Huangshan Highlights Tour starts from Shanghai, and the Yellow Mountains and Hongcun Village are included. You can watch the sunset and sunrise on the mountains because you will stay overnight on the Yellow Mountains on the second day. If you have never traveled to Shanghai before, you combine it with a tour of Shanghai.

Your China tour does not include Shanghai? Our 3-Day Yellow Mountain and Hongcun Village Tour is another choice. The itinerary is similar to the one above but can be combined with any China tour.

Want to see more attractions in Huangshan which are not included in our ready-made tours? We at China Highlights offer a professional service for tailor-making a tour to Huangshan.