Yangtze Delta City Tour

SH-33: 5-Day Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou Tour
From: $979
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This tour offers a chance to see the 3 most important cities of the Yangtze Delta: Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. Enjoy a modern and ancient Shanghai, cruise on the romantic and heavenly West Lake, and stroll through ancient Chinese life in Suzhou gardens and Tongli Water Town.


  • Stand on the 100th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Take a cozy boat on the heavenly West Lake
  • Appreciate exquisite Humble Administrator's Garden
  • Walk in the small but cute Master-of-Nets Garden
  • Stroll in the canal town-Tongli Water Town

What's Included

  • Entrance to scenic spots listed in the itinerary
  • Private tour guide and driver service
  • Lunches mentioned in the itinerary
  • Hotel accommodation with breakfast
  • Transport/private transfers between cities

Price Per Person in US Dollars

Nov.1 - Mar.31 Deluxe Class Superior Class
2-5 People $1109 $979
6-9 People $809 $669
Apr.1- Oct.31    
2-5 People $1239 $1029
6-9 People $939 $719

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 Shanghai Arrival

Your private guide will be waiting for you at the airport. A trouble free transfer with a comfortable non-smoking car is ready for you. Your guide will assist you with your hotel check-in. Have a good rest to prepare for your trip next day.

Good to know:
If you are still energetic at night, you can walk along Nanjing Road, the most popular pedestrian street of Shanghai. Or walk along the Bund to view a night of Shanghai’ magnificent modern life. The nightlife on the Bund is fantastic and different from the daytime.

Day 2 A Modern and Ancient Shanghai
The Bund

Get an overall idea of Shanghai city’s development at Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. It’s an excellent introduction to the city of Shanghai. You will learn about Shanghai’s history, present and future before you start your exploration. Take a peek at the city of the future through the large scale model of Shanghai. Visit the Yu Garden for Shanghai’s ancient life. It is a peaceful garden that’s full of marvelous plants, decorations and trees. Walking through the historic garden you will see incredible rocks, different window patterns, and various shaped doorways.

Next is a trip to two landmarks of modern Shanghai-the Bund and Shanghai World Financial Center. Walk along the Bund to see numerous exotic building clusters along the Huangpu River. The bund is on every traveler’s must-see list of Shanghai. Stand on the 100th floor of Shanghai World Financial Center to have a bird’s eye view of the city. It’s an interesting and exciting experience.

Day 3 Enjoy Hangzhou’s Unique West Lake and Dragon Well Tea
The West Lake

Take a morning train to Hangzhou, and start your journey at Lingyin Temple. The Happy Buddha is one of its highlights. See some stunning stone carvings and appreciate Buddhist culture. You will also see dozens of Buddhas carved right into the stones of the mountain. The Flying Peak is next to the temple, where you can see more fantastic stone carvings on the cliffs.

Hangzhou is famous for its unique Dragon Well (Longjing) Tea. You will be taken to Meijiawu Tea Plantation to learn all about it. As you learn about tea culture, pick up and taste the Dragon Well Tea. Take a cozy small boat on the romantic West Lake, Hangzhou’s landmark. Have a chance to look at Three Pools Mirroring the Moon in the middle of the Lake, which is printed on the back of one-yuan banknote.

Day 4 Appreciate Exquisite Suzhou Gardens
Suzhou Gardens

Today you will enjoy Suzhou’s two typical gardens Humble Administrator's Garden and Master-of-Nets Garden, as well as a boat ride along a section of the Grand Canal. Humble Administrator's Garden is an elegant classical private garden in the heart of old Suzhou. It is one of the finest classical gardens with a good mix of typical garden styles - pavilions, pools and rocks. Learn more about ancient China’s culture and history with the help of your guide. Master-of-Nets Garden is a small but cute garden in Suzhou, a good place to eavesdrop on the past. Later take a small boat along the Grand Canal to glimpse Suzhou’s local life. The canal is also a window to China’s ancient life.

Good to know:
Master-of-Nets Garden is open to the public in the evening. It’s not only for people to see the garden itself, but also to appreciate a traditional Chinese music performance set in the ancient garb.

Day 5 Tongli Water Town Tour, Shanghai Departure
Tongli Water Town

After a western style breakfast, you will be taken to Tongli Water Town, one of the top 6 water towns in China. Stroll along the streets in the ancient town, and take a gondola ride along the canals to see some ancient houses and life. It’s a charming town, known as the Venice of China.

After the water town tour, your guide will take you to the airport, and accompany you to the security check.

Trip Notes

1. Hangzhou & Suzhou Tourist Map

Hangzhou-Suzhou Tourist Map

2. What is the best time to visit Hangzhou and Suzhou?

You can visit Hangzhou and Suzhou at any time. Every season has different beautiful scenery. Beautiful flowers in spring and colorful leaves in autumn make them more popular. Avoid Chinese national holidays like May 1st, China National Day (Oct.1th-7th).

3. How to get there?

High speed train from Shanghai to Suzhou can be as short as 40 min. But we will arrange a non-smoking car to maximize your comfort and time. 

4. Extend to Suzhou and Hangzhou’s Neighbors

To the Yellow Mountain (3-4 days)  
A 3-hour coach will take you to the Yellow Mountain from Hangzhou. Take a cable car up to see the Yellow Mountain’s “Four Wonders”: imaginatively-named pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs. Staying on the mountains for a sunrise should not be missed. Add Hongcun/Tunxi Ancient Street for some Anhui ancient architectures. 

To Wuxi(1 day)
Easily reached by car within a 1h journey from Suzhou. Suggested day trip: Yuantouzhu Park, Liyuan Garden at the bank of Taihu, Xihui Park for exquisite colorful clay figurines, and Plum Garden.

To Nanjing(1-2 days)
Nanjing is one of the capitals of ancient China. Go to Nanjing to see some Chinese historical sites: Sun Yatsen Mausoleum, Nanjing Confucian Temple, the Qinghai River, Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty and Zhonghua Gate.