Mongolian Cuisine

Mongolian cuisine can be found in China's Mongol Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia and in other northern Chinese provinces, as far east as Beijing. In fact the Mongolian hot pot is a popular Beijing food. The Mongolian people have traditionally been pastoralists, and their cuisine reflects this with many tasty lamb/mutton dishes. Game and river fish also form part of their traditional diet.

Mongolian Cuisine Menu

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Hand-Stripped Mutton shǒu bā yángròu Shoh baa yang-roh 手扒羊肉
Instant-Boiled Mutton shuài yángròu Shweye yang-roh 涮羊肉
Whole Sheep Banquet zhěng yáng xí Jnng yang sshee 整羊席
Roast Deer Nose shāo hǎn bí Shaoww han bee 烧罕鼻
Crucian Carp Stuffed with Pork in Soup jìyú tāng Jee-yoo tung 鲫鱼汤
Whole Fish Feast quán yú yàn Chwen yoo yen 全鱼宴
Pearl Carp zhēnzhū lǐyú Jnn-joo lee-yoo 珍珠鲤鱼

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