The Top Chinese Beef Dishes

Water boiled beefWater boiled beef

Beef is more of a select meat in China, with very little land spare to graze cattle. It is sometimes considerably more expensive than pork, the Chinese staple meat, so be prepared to pay several yuan more for beef dishes.

Water buffalo or yak may be used instead of cow meat in some parts of China. In southern China the bovine of choice is not a milk cow, but a water buffalo, used for tilling rice paddies. In Tibet yak meat is more common than anything else.

The Most Popular Beef Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Skillet Beef tiěbǎn niúròu Tyeah-ban nyoh-roh 铁板牛肉
Cumin Beef zīrán niúròu Dzrr-ran nyoh-roh 孜然牛肉
Black Pepper Beef hēijiāo niúròu Hay-jyaoww nyoh-roh 黑椒牛肉
Stir-Fried Beef and Green Peppers qīngjiāo chǎo niúròu Ching-jyaoww chaoww nyoh-roh 青椒炒牛肉
Stir-Fried Beef and Potatoes tǔdòu chǎo niúròu Too-doh chaoww nyoh-roh 土豆炒牛肉
Water Boiled Beef shuǐ zhǔ niúròu Shway joo nyoh-roh 水煮牛肉
Dry-Fried Cumin Beef (Hunan Style) piāo xiāng niúròu Pyaoww sshyang nyoh-roh 飘香牛肉
Beef Curry with Rice gālí niúròu fàn Gaa-lee nyoh-roh fan 咖喱牛肉饭
Slow-Cooked Beef with Potatoes tǔdòu shāo niúròu Too-doh shaoww nyoh-roh 土豆烧牛肉
Yak Hotpot (Lijiang) máoniú huǒguō Maoww-nyoh hwor-gwor 牦牛火锅
Hand Torn Beef shǒu sī niúròu Shoh srr nyoh-roh 手撕牛肉
Fried Beef in Oyster Sauce háoyóu niúròu Haoww-yoh nyoh-roh 蚝油牛肉
Guangdong Beef Flank guǎngdōng niúnǎn Gwung-dong nyoh-nan 广东牛腩
Beef Offal niúzá Nyoh-dzah 牛杂
Goose Liver Paté Steak É gān jiàng niúpái Er gan jyang nyoh-peye 鹅肝酱牛排
Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chili Oil shuǐzhǔ niúròu Shway-joo nyoh-roh 水煮牛肉

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