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Zibo Travel Guide

Brief Introduction

Zibo is located in the transition zone between central Shandong mountainous region and northern Shandong plain. It is 110 kilometers (about 68.35 miles) from Jinan, the capital city of Shandong, about a one-and-a-half-hour drive. Zibo City covers an area of 5965 square kilometers (596500 hectares). The maximum longitudinal distance of Zibo is 151 kilometers (about 93.83 miles), the maximum latitudinal distance 87 kilometers (about 54.06 miles). By the end of 2008, the registered population of Zibo reached 4.2062 million, with the permanent population of 5.0451 million. Post code of Zibo is 255000, codes for the administrative divisions 3703, district number 0533.

Zibo is a nation-level famous historical and cultural city and an outstanding tourist city of China. Besides, Zibo is an economic development city on Shandong Peninsula approved by the State Council and one of the three cities in Shandong Province that have local legislative power. Zibo has both rich cultural and historical heritage and beautiful natural sceneries. Due to these advantages, Zibo is one of the five tourism regions and the eight main tourism cities in Shandong Province.

The North of Zibo is a fertile and level plain. Here, there are the beautiful sceneries of lower reaches of Yellow River and Mata Lake (meaning lake formed because of steps of horses) which has the name of "South in the North". People will have a feeling of being in the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River because of the elegant landscape, flying birds, leaping fish and dancing waves. In the south mountain area of Zibo, there is are ruins of Yiyuan Ape Man, ruins of the Great Wall Built by Qi State in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods (770 B.C. – 221 B.C.), Yuanshan Mountain National Forest Park and a group of karst caves that covers tens of li (1 li = 500 meters). Here, the sceneries are majestic and colorful.


Zibo is in the central part of Shandong Province, Topographically high in the south and low in the north. Located in warm temperate zone, climate in Zibo is semi-arid and semi-humid continental climate, with moderate rainfall and the year-round average temperature between 12 °C and 13 °C. The hottest is July, with the average temperature of 26 °C, and the coldest month id January, eith the average temperature of - 2 °C. Likes most cities in North China, Zibo has four distinct seasons.

The best seasons to travel to Zibo are spring, summer and autumn. In April and May every year, International Tourism Festival of Liaozhai (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, stories written by Pu Songling mentioned above) Culture is held in Zibo. In September, Tourism Festival of Qi Culture is held. If people travel to Zibo during these two period, they can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Zibo, and at the same time get to know the manners and customs in the hometown of Liaozhai. Apart from this, they can also know more about the rich culture of the ancient capital of Qi State. So, these two period are the best time to travel to Zibo.