Beijing Weather in June

Weather: June is the beginning of summer season. The summer rains begin, with occasional thunderstorms. Temperatures range from 18 to 30 °C (64 to 86 °F) on average.

Clothing: A short sleeve T-shirt is enough for the day, but you need to bring long-sleeved clothing for cool nights.

Things To Do In Beijing In June

water cubeThe Water Cube

As the summer approaches, visitors worldwideare poised to follow the Silk Road to the center of Asia. Because in the middleof the year it’s time to visit the Middle Kingdom. As the capital, Beijing hasa reputation and responsibility to put on the best show of the summer.

The Water Cube: Escape the summer heat with a visit to the legendary Beijing Olympic Stadium and the Water Cube. Enjoy live performances in the vast 17,000seat capacity center or even swim in the same waters as Olympic legends like Phelps. Visitors may also enjoy the Olympic Memories Tour or just enjoy the “palace of water” themselves during this summer month.

Grandview Garden is a garden, a mansion, a lake, and a historical landmark all wrapped into one captivating trip. And a number of thislocale’s special features are exclusive to the summer. The expansive lake beyond the mansion’s windows can be traversed by visitors only within the warmer months of the year. So in June make sure to find yourself in this indoor and outdoor hotspot.

Chaoyang Park: The largest park in Beijing, Chaoyang Park is so full of things to do that visitors may have to plan a second trip. Children’s playground, amusement park, 4 ponds, sandy beaches with waves, a bungee tower and too much for one article to describe. Also the center for live performance in Beijing, find it on Nongzhannan Road; the park with a thousand faces.

Dragon Boat Festival usually takes place during June (otherwise it's in late May; the festival falls on the 5th day of the 5th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar). There are various celebrations in the city. See Beijing's Festival calendar.

Be aware: June to October is the peak tourist season in Beijing.

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Beijing Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
June   1 84 °F 28.89 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
June   2 84 °F 28.89 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
June   3 84 °F 28.89 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
June   4 84 °F 28.89 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
June   5 85 °F 29.44 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
June   6 85 °F 29.44 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
June   7 85 °F 29.44 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
June   8 85 °F 29.44 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
June   9 85 °F 29.44 °C 63 °F 17.22 °C
June   10 85 °F 29.44 °C 63 °F 17.22 °C
June   11 86 °F 30 °C 63 °F 17.22 °C
June   12 86 °F 30 °C 64 °F 17.78 °C
June   13 86 °F 30 °C 64 °F 17.78 °C
June   14 86 °F 30 °C 64 °F 17.78 °C
June   15 86 °F 30 °C 64 °F 17.78 °C
June   16 86 °F 30 °C 65 °F 18.33 °C
June   17 86 °F 30 °C 65 °F 18.33 °C
June   18 86 °F 30 °C 65 °F 18.33 °C
June   19 87 °F 30.56 °C 65 °F 18.33 °C
June   20 87 °F 30.56 °C 66 °F 18.89 °C
June   21 87 °F 30.56 °C 66 °F 18.89 °C
June   22 87 °F 30.56 °C 66 °F 18.89 °C
June   23 87 °F 30.56 °C 66 °F 18.89 °C
June   24 87 °F 30.56 °C 67 °F 19.44 °C
June   25 87 °F 30.56 °C 67 °F 19.44 °C
June   26 87 °F 30.56 °C 67 °F 19.44 °C
June   27 87 °F 30.56 °C 67 °F 19.44 °C
June   28 87 °F 30.56 °C 68 °F 20 °C
June   29 87 °F 30.56 °C 68 °F 20 °C
June   30 87 °F 30.56 °C 68 °F 20 °C

Beijing Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Beijing Weather in June

Edge 2012-08-17
Show Answer
Does Beijing usually have rain and typhoon during the month of June? Can you compare it with the months of July and August. We''re trying to see which month we are going to travel.
Nestor 2012-02-20
Show Answer
Hello hope you can advise me. I'm planning to spent a vacations in China (2 weeks), but I'm undecided If travel in June (two last weeks) or travel in the first two weeks of October. What I'm looking for are sunny days, don't care if the weather is hot and humid, but what I want to avoid are the all day or heavy rains. (don't like to travel with an unmbrella or raincoat!!) Thanks for your help.
June is also a rainy season, so I suggest you October which is the most comfortable season of the year. During that period, temperatures are reasonable throughout China (about 50-72F) with a limited amount of rain. Simon Huang replied on 2012-02-21
florence 2011-04-26
Show Answer
what kind of clothes should i wear for the weather in june
Dear Florence, Based on the former data, the temperature in June is about 20-30°C, it's comfortable for traveling. You can take T-shirts. It's necessary to take sunglasses and sunscreen. You can check the new information on this website before you leave for Beijing. Please click here: If you have booked a tour, I am glad to arrange it for you. We specializing in designing a tailor-made tour. There are many tour packages on our website for reference: Please feel free to let me know your inquries.My e-mail address is Lussie Lu replied on 2011-04-27
Annmarie Hickey 2011-03-16
Show Answer
What is the prevailing wind direction in China in June???
Hi, Annmarie Hickey, according to the June in 2010, there was no certain direction for the wind, even there was only gentle breeze but not wind. So if you want to the prevailing wind in June this year, I am afraid that you can come here again by that time. Lynn Ye replied on 2011-03-24
david 2010-12-01
Show Answer
what is the rainfall for june 8 to june 22
According to historical data, the rainfall in June in Beijing is 70.7mm. The rainy days are 6 days. Leon Long replied on 2010-12-02
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