Beijing Weather in September

Weather: The average low and high temperatures are 14 °C (57 °F) and 26 °C (79 °F). The rainy season has ended, so Beijing is back to its usual dry conditions.

Clothing: Summer clothes are still ok, but bring a cardigan or a coat to cope with morning and evening coolness.

Things to Do

houhaiHouhai Bar Street

Experience the reverence of Mid-Autumn Festival, delight in the celebration and scrumptious snacks, livethe nightlife, and experience the history of this amazing city, because as thetemperature drops the options of things to do rises in September in Beijing.

Mid-Autumn Festival: Rice patties, sweet fillings, and mooncakes are just a few of the many treats to enjoy during the month of September.The hutong streets are often flanked on either side by seasonal snacks orsouvenirs. Red lanterns beam and seemingly hover above, lighting a nearlyendless path of delight and wonder. This holiday has it all and September isthe month to enjoy it.

Qianmen Street: The Mid-Autumn festival is a nationwideholiday but Qianmen Street is the best place to experience it. The central shopping and eating hub inBeijing with a 500 year of history built into it, Qianmen is the optimum choiceof a venue for the Mid-Autumn holiday.

The Drum Tower & Houhai: Within walking distance ofeach other. The Beijing Drum Tower and Houhai are an excellent two for one traveler’scombo. First explore the 900 year history of the drum tower. Stroll along the expansivecourtyard beneath the colossal and ancient monument. Add in the occasional drumperformances it’s the perfect prelude to anight filled with life.

Then take a fifteen minute trek from thedrum tower, through a maze of hutongs to the nightlife center of the Beijing,Houhai. Its modern bars are built into the hundred-year-old homes andarchitecture, a constellation of night lights light the scene of floating barsand live music.

Be aware: September is one of best months for traveling in Beijing. It is cooler than summer, and there are less tourists in the city, since school summer holidays have just ended. Avoid traveling to Beijing at the end of this month before the busy Chinese National Day holiday (from October 1st).

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Beijing Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
September   1 82 °F 27.78 °C 63 °F 17.22 °C
September   2 81 °F 27.22 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
September   3 81 °F 27.22 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
September   4 81 °F 27.22 °C 62 °F 16.67 °C
September   5 81 °F 27.22 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
September   6 81 °F 27.22 °C 61 °F 16.11 °C
September   7 80 °F 26.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
September   8 80 °F 26.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
September   9 80 °F 26.67 °C 60 °F 15.56 °C
September   10 79 °F 26.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
September   11 79 °F 26.11 °C 59 °F 15 °C
September   12 79 °F 26.11 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
September   13 79 °F 26.11 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
September   14 78 °F 25.56 °C 58 °F 14.44 °C
September   15 78 °F 25.56 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
September   16 78 °F 25.56 °C 57 °F 13.89 °C
September   17 77 °F 25 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
September   18 77 °F 25 °C 56 °F 13.33 °C
September   19 77 °F 25 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
September   20 76 °F 24.44 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
September   21 76 °F 24.44 °C 55 °F 12.78 °C
September   22 76 °F 24.44 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
September   23 75 °F 23.89 °C 54 °F 12.22 °C
September   24 75 °F 23.89 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
September   25 75 °F 23.89 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
September   26 74 °F 23.33 °C 53 °F 11.67 °C
September   27 74 °F 23.33 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
September   28 73 °F 22.78 °C 52 °F 11.11 °C
September   29 73 °F 22.78 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C
September   30 73 °F 22.78 °C 51 °F 10.56 °C

Beijing Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Beijing Weather in September

Christine 2013-06-10
Show Answer
We are planing to have a trip to Beijing on 28/8 to 2/9, may we know what is the weather there at that time?

Hi Christine, the weather is quite good but also hot. We are a travel agency. Do you need any tour service?

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-06-13
Naz 2012-11-16
Show Answer
Hye! I''m a Muslim tourist and I''m planning to visit Beijing in September 2013. My first trip to China and I would really appreciate it if you could assist me on how to arrange a Muslim tour in Beijing.
Billy 2012-09-20
Show Answer
Hi, I am planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing this October. Staying at Sheraton Dongecheng Beijing and Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze. I have read your weather advise. Should I expect any difference around October. Shopping for quality and fair pricing of ladies clothing, accessories and collectables. Thank you, Kindly
Dear Billy, In October, it is suitable for travelling in Beijing and Shanghai and it is not quite different between Beijing and Shanghai. You could take some shirts and coats. About shopping, here are some shopping places for reference. 1.Beijing: Wangfujin Business Center, Xidan Business Cente, Qianmen Street, Xiushui Street. More: 2.Shanghai: Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Bazaar,Huaihai Road Market More: Lussie Lu replied on 2012-09-21
Nthabiseng 2012-09-17
Show Answer
We are planning a trip to Beijing from the 26th to the 4th of October,2012.How will the weather be and also will shops still be open>
Dear Nthabiseng, Based on the data from the weather forecast bureau, the average temperature will be 15℃(59℉)- 26℃(78.8℉), it will be sunny and it rarely rains. It'll cool at night and hot in the day. You could take some T-shirs, shirts and coats. During that time, the ship won't be closed as the festival, it won't affact you to do shopping. It will be more busy than that in other period. Lussie Lu replied on 2012-09-18
Chris 2012-09-15
Show Answer
I will be going to beijing on 22-26 sept. Wearing Bermudez will it be suitable.
Dear Chris, Based on the information from Weather forecast Bureau, the average temperature will be 15℃(59℉)- 25℃(77℉). It'll hot in the day and it'll be cool at night. You could take some T-shirts, shirts and a jacket. Here is a website to check the new information about the weather. Please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2012-09-17
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