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Best Massage Parlors and Spas in Chengdu

One great thing about a city as relaxed as Chengdu is inexpensive massage. Although not as pervasive as the teahouses, massage places are easy to find and certainly widely available. The trick is finding a place that doesn't cost too much but is still good quality.

Quaint Massage Shack

Just by walking down the street and peaking into a few places you'll notice small foot massage places. Of course they offer full fledged pedicures, but the normal service is a foot soak followed by an hour rub. Usually you can choose between a variety of Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to soak your feet in for reasonable prices ranging from 25RMB to 60RMB. If you are a little adventurous try foot cupping.

However the best of these small massage parlors are the blind massage places. Although the people may not actually be blind it is believed that this technique is excellent. However if you can find a blind masseur then go for it! Being blind actually does allow them to be more sensitive and give a great massage. Here is one great place:

Blind Master Zhang's Physical Therapy and Massage: Baiyun Street, Yulin Neighborhood (张师盲人理疗按摩 武侯区白云街)

Exquisite Environment Massage

If you don't like the environment of those small massage places then there are many bigger places to relax. Here they have private rooms for two people and give complimentary tea and fruit. If you'd like you can even get a big room with a bed and bathtub/hot tub.

Be careful though! Sometimes these places are quite pricy because men will go here to do business and in Chinese culture doing business means spending a lot of money the first time they negotiate. Anyways you can relax there all day for under 200RMB.

Yushou Guoyi: 131 Yipintianxia Avenue, Jinniu District #284-292 (御手国医馆 金牛区一品天下大街131号附284-292号)

chengdu Herijun Hotsprings Hotel

Day Spas

There are a few places that take it to the next level with saunas, bathhouses, massage, and all-you-can-eat buffets. Although these places are more common in northern China you can check out Chengdu's take on it.

Herijun Hotsprings Hotel: 2 Nijiaoqiao Road, Wuhou District #8 (何日君温泉酒店 武侯区倪家桥路2号附8号 )

Natural Springs

Not too far away from downtown Chengdu are a few natural hot springs. These places are equipped to keep you entertained all day and the buffet will keep you well-fed. In the Wenjiang district of Chengdu you'll find Yufu Hot Springs Hotel with more than eighteen different natural minerals that benefit your health. If you travel a little farther to Huashuiwan you'll find many hotels with hot springs.

Yufu Hot Springs Hotel: 21 Wenquan Avenue Section 4, Wenjiang District (鱼凫国都温泉酒店 成都温江温泉大道四段1号 )

Huashuiwan Hot Springs: Huashuiwan Town, Dayi County (大邑县花水湾镇温泉)

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