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Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin North Railway Station Guilin North Railway Station

Guilin North Station is Guilin's main bullet train station for Yangshuo and Guangzhou/Shenzhen.

The Guiyang direction of the Guiyang–Guangzhou line is better served by the recently opened Guilin West Station. 

It also serves southward bullet trains and regular trains (though Guilin Station is better for these).

  • Chinese: 桂林北站 Guìlín Běi Zhàn /gway-lin bay jan/
  • Name on train tickets: 桂林北 Guilin Bei
  • Address: Jinhe Road, Diecai District 叠彩区金河路
  • Location: 6 km (4 miles) north of central Guilin
  • Station size: 9 platforms 

Popular Trains to Other Cities

Guilin North Railway Station (桂林北站) has high-speed trains east to Guangzhou/Shenzhen, west to Guiyang, and south to Nanning. For bullet trains north you will need to go to Guilin StationOrdinary trains run to the same places plus north to most major cities: Changsha, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, etc., but they take two or three times as long.

Guilin railway stations and HSR lines "Xian North Station" should read Xing'an North Station.

Bullet Trains for Yangshuo

There is now the option to take a train to Yangshuo, BUT trains don't go to the popular tourist town area. Yangshuo Station is a tiny station in the mountains, 6 km east of Xingping (which is renowned for the cream of Li River karst scenery).

  • For Yangshuo Station there are only two trains from Guilin North daily taking 32 minutes (08:17 and 15:33, 4 USD second class). 
    From Guilin West Station there are five more, and a further two from Guilin Station (15:46 and 20:51).

The bus journey from Xingping to Yangshuo town takes about an hour, and still requires 15 minutes in a golf cart to get to West Street from the "Yangshuo-to-Xingping Bus Station". So, if you want to go to Xingping, the bullet train is a good option, but to go to Yangshuo town a 1½-hour bus is still the best option from Guilin City center.

Bullet Trains for Guangzhou/Shenzhen

  • For Shenzhen North Station, there are three direct trains daily taking 3 hours (33 USD second class), but these are often fully booked three or more days in advance.
  • For Guangzhou South Station, there are 39 trains daily (so you are far more likely to get a ticket) taking around 2 hours 45 minutes (21 USD second class). You can change there for Shenzhen North.

Bullet Trains for Guiyang

The route via Guiyang makes it possible to reach Kunming in a day (about 11 hours), but the traditional Guilin–Kunming route via Nanning requires an overnight train. The Gui-Guang HSR has also open up the fascinating minority areas of Guizhou with four stations in popular Miao and Dong minority areas. For more see Guangzhou to Guiyang HSR.

  • For Guiyang there are only four direct trains daily taking 2½ hours (21 USD second class). 

Guilin West Station has 20 trains, so you are more likely to get a favorable journey time from there. Change in Guiyang for trains to Kunming, Chengdu, and Chongqing. 

Bullet Trains for Nanning

  • For Nanning East Station there are only two ordinary trains daily taking 3 hours (17 USD second class), but these are often fully booked three or more days in advance. 

Guilin Station has 19 bullet trains to Nanning and Nanning East, and Guilin Station is far closer to the city center, so it is the far more convenient option for southbound (and northbound) travel. Change in Nanning for overnight trains to Kunming.

Change in Nanning for trains to Kunming.

Using the Station

Guilin North is a medium sized Chinese station, newer, and less convenient than Guilin Station a kilometer south of the city center. The modern design helps make travel easier. There is a big square outside with shops and eateries around it.

  • Level 1 has the ticket halls, entrance with security check and exit, and waiting rooms 1 and 2 (a common waiting room and a fee-extra business waiting room). 
  • Level 2 contains waiting areas 3 and 4, and various snack and convenience shops.

To find your waiting section, you should check the ticket and follow the LED screen which tells you the exact place for waiting and ticket checking. 

For luggage portage, ask the help and information desk staff for porter help getting your luggage on the platform (about 10 RMB/piece). 

For luggage above 20 kg, at the right side of the entrance on the ground floor, there is a Luggage Consignment Service (行李包裹承运处) .

See How to Get On/Off a Train and 7 Things to Know Before Riding a Train, and Differences Between Chinese and Western Railways for more.

The Ticket Office

The ticket office is at the north side of the station building, with over 15 counters (usually only about three are open for buying and collecting tickets, however, and lines can be as long as half an hour). There is usually one counter open for refunds and ticket changes to the left of the long ticket queues. It's open from 7am to 11pm, with some counters at break during noon time. See the page foot for more on booking tickets.

Automatic ticketing machines are at the southwest corner, but only available for Chinese-ID-card-holders. 

Transportation to/from Guilin North Railway Station


Taxis can be caught north of the station on the access road (Jinhe Lu). Make sure your say Huoche Bei Zhan (火车北站), as there is also a nearby Guilin North Bus Station, when using taxis. A taxi to the city center costs about 30 yuan. See the lowdown on Guilin Taxis.

Buses are available from the east side of the station square.

  • For Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (桂林两江国际机场): take bus 32 or 100 to the Aviation Hotel (民航大厦, 2 yuan, 1 hour) and then take an Airport Shuttle Bus.
  • For Guilin Railway Station (桂林火车站): take bus 100 (2 yuan, about 50 minutes)

Booking Tickets

Many cities, like Guilin, have more than one station. Be sure you're booking the right tickets. You could book tickets at any train station, city ticket window, or online with the Chinese railway website. See How to Buy Tickets in China.

We can assist you with booking tickets — just 3 easy steps (search trains, book tickets, pay), 10,000+ customers/year, 24/7 service, and express delivery.

Touring Guilin

China Highlights is based in Guilin. We can do the travel planning and make the transportation arrangements for you to discover Guilin. See our popular Guilin and Yangshuo 4-day tour for inspiration.

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