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Guilin Railway Station

Where the Trains Going to

There are trains from Guilin Railway Station to the major cities in China which includes Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Hangzhou. There aren’t direct trains to the areas father north Beijing such as Northeast China (Heilongjiang, Changchun and Jilin provinces). Likewise, direct train to Northwest China (except for Xi’an) is not available. Travelers who want to travel to these regions need to change trains in either Beijing or Zhengzhou.

Railways Passing by:

Transportation to Guilin Railway Station

South Railway Station - Guilin Central Bus Station

From Guilin Railway Station to Seven Star Park: Bus No 11

Guilin Railway Station to Elephant Park, Fubo Hill and Folded Brocade Hill: Bus No 2 and Tourist Bus No 1.

Guilin Railway Station to Yangshuo: Bus heading to Yangshuo leaves from the square in front of Guilin Railway Station. Buses run every five to ten minutes.

Taxi Fares:

In the day (06:30–23:00), the meter rate is 7 yuan within 2 kilometers. Over 2 kilometers, but less than 4 kilometers, it counts at 1.6 yuan per kilometer. Over 4 kilometers , it counts at 2 yuan per kilometer.

In the night (23:00–06:30 of the next day), the neter rate starts at 7.8 yuan within 2 kilometers. Over 2 kilometers, but less than 4 kilometers, it charges 1.8 yuan per kilometer. Over 4 kilometers, it charges 2.4 yuan per kilometer.

Guilin Railway Station Special Tips

Special Service on Guilin Railway Station

Services: Passenger services and baggage checking.

Guilin Railway Station Overview

There are two railway stations in Guilin: Guilin Railway Station ( also called Guilin South Railway Station) and Guilin North Railway Station. Among the two, Guilin Railway Station is larger and is more used by travelers.

Guilin Railway Station was built in 1938 and expanded in 2005, after which its capacity has been largely increased. Currently, it can host up to 1,5000 passengers.

Guilin South Railway Station is conveniently located in the city center, at the main street of Guilin (zhongshan Road). Around the station, there are plenty of budget hotels. The best hotel close to the Railway Station is Guilin Osmanthus Hotel, which is a three-star hotel.

Postal Code: 541002

Service Hotline:

Ticket Booking Hotline (South Station): 0773-2152222
Hotline (North Station): 0773-2162222