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Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Railway StationOutside the Shanghai Railway Station are two plazas in the north and in the south. The north square is under reconstruction. Passengers can check out and reach the exchange hub through a passage at the southeast exit of Shanghai Metro Line 1. Due to its excellent connection with the Shanghai local bus network, the station can also easily be reached by scores of bus lines. Night buses are available to every district.

Transportation to Shanghai Railway Station

Shanghai Metro Line 1, Line 3 and Line 4 all pass next to the station, so there is an adjacent interchange station of the same name. The location of the stop for Line 1 differs from the location of the stop for Line 3 and Line 4. There is discount with Shanghai Public Transportation Cards. Since June 2008, passengers can enjoy 30 minutes of continuous billing with the Shanghai Public Transportation Card.

Taxi Fares:A taxi fare in Shanghai starts at 12 yuan within 3 kilometers. For 3–10 kilometers it is 2.4 yuan per kilometer. Over 10 kilometers it increases to 3.6 yuan per kilometer.

From Shanghai Railway Station to Other Railway Stations in Shanghai

To Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Railway Station is served by metro lines 1, 3, and 4. You can take metro line 1 towards Zizhuang Station for three stops to Zhongshan Park Station, and then line 2 towards Xujindong Station for six stops to reach Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

You can also take metro line 3 towards Shanghai South Railway Station for five stops or metro line 4 towards Hongqiao Station for five stops to reach the People’s Square, and then takes line 2 towards Xujing East Station for 10 stops to reach Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. All three methods take approximately one hour.

To Shanghai South Railway Station

The two railway stations are linked by metro line 1. From Shanghai Station, take metro line 1 towards Zizhuang Station for 11 stops and you will reach your destination in approximately 30 minutes.

From Shanghai Railway Station to Xi’an

The D306/D307 train can take you from Shanghai Station to Xi’an North in less than 11 hours. This is the fastest route, but the ticket price is a little expensive at 338 RMB for a second class seat and 834 RMB for a soft sleeper. If you want a cheaper journey, you can take the Z-, T-, and K-trains to Xi’an Railway Station. The ticket price is cheaper at 180 RMB for a hard seat, 331 RMB for a hard sleeper, and 509 RMB for a soft sleeper but the journey will take longer. You should also be prepared for an overnight train journey. You can refer to the following timetable to compare the duration times:

From Shanghai Station to Xi’an…
D306/D307Xi’an North22:0008:4110h 41min
Z92/Z93Xi’an18:5509:2014h 25min
T164/T16519:3610:0914h 33min
T116/T11715:4207:5016h 8min
T52/T5320:2512:4516h 20min
T138/t13915:5208:2116h 29min
K290/K29108:4304:1819h 35min
K376/K37708:5004:3019h 40min
K560/K55714:4210:5720h 15min
K360/K36109:2905:5220h 23min
K2186/K218711:2510:0222h 37min

From Shanghai Railway Station to Nanjing Railway Station

Using the 40 daily G-trains, passengers can travel from Shanghai Station to Nanjing Station in approximately two hours. The trains run from 06:18 to 21:45. The ticket price ranges from 139 RMB for a second class seat to 219 RMB for a first class seat.

This timetable shows some of the train schedules for reference:

High-speed trains from Shanghai Station to Nanjing Station…
G703406:1808:242h 6min
G704409:1211:162h 4min
G705612:4114:341h 53min
G707217:2819:261h 58min
G709221:4523:311h 46min

From Shanghai Railway Station to Attractions in Shanghai

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The metro line can be taken to visit the landmark of Shanghai. Take metro line 1 towards Zizhuang for three stops to reach the People’s Square, and then take line 2 towards Guanglan Road for two stops to reach Lujiazui. You will see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to the west.

Shanghai Museum

If you wish to visit one of the best museums in China, Shanghai Museum, metro line 1 and bus 109 will take you there. Take metro line 1 towards Zizhuang for three stops to reach the People’s Square, or take bus 109 to Wusheng Road. When you have reached the People’s Square, you will see the museum situated to the south-east.

Yu Garden

This traditional Chinese garden is accessible by taking bus 930 for 10 stops to New North Gate Station where you will see Yu Garden located to the south.

Shanghai Railway Station Special Tips

Services in the Shanghai Railway Station

Lianhe Ticketing Building of Shanghai Railway Station

The Lianhe Ticketing Building 200 meters southeast of Shanghai Railway Station south entrance. The signage can be confusing, so refer to the map below:

Shanghai Station Ticketing Building

The image shows Shanghai Station Lianhe Ticketing Building:

Shanghai Station Ticketing Building

Shanghai Railway Station Overview

Shanghai Railway Station has the heaviest passenger traffic of all railway stations in Shanghai. It is on a stop of the Shanghai Metro Line 3, Line 1 and Line 4 subway lines. It is called "The New Railway Station" by locals. It replaced the old Shanghai Railway Station (the "Old North Railway Station"). Since Shanghai is one of the major hubs in China's rail network, trains departing from the station leave for destinations all over China, including high-speed EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) trains to Beijing, the Express Train to Tianjin, and the Express Coach to Kowloon in Hong Kong. Unlike most stations in China, there is an Immigration Check Point and Customs office at the station for the Shanghai-Kowloon (Hong Kong) Express Train. At present, there are eight regular waiting areas and a soft seat waiting area, as well as a special terminal for the Hong Kong express train, and Immigration and Customs. The ticket hall of the Shanghai Railway Station has a total of more than 80 ticket windows, including 20 at a ticket office in the Beijing East Road Huangpu District.

Destination List for Shanghai Railway Station

From Shanghai Station to…
G7206Changzhou12:5314:041h 11min
G7363Hangzhou18:0819:401h 32min
G7002Nanjing07:0008:391h 39min
G7226Hefei07:2910:272h 58min
G7292Xuzhou East11:5515:113h 16min
G7240Liu’an11:1815:043h 46min
D-trainsD306Xi’an North22:0008:4110h 41min
D312Beijing South19:3007:0711h 37min
T-trainsT7606Chizhou23:3006:597h 29min
T99Kowloon18:2013:0118h 41min
T116Lanzhou15:4215:1523h 33min
T132Dalian14:1814:3724h 19min
T72Harbin13:5214:1524h 23min
T268Hohhot East15:0418:0527h 1min
T52Urumchi South20:2516:1243h 47min
T164Lhasa19:3619:1047h 34min
K-trainsK8432Huaibei23:2107:448h 23min
K8362Fuyang23:3609:259h 49min
K8434Anqing22:0608:2510h 19min
K8366Bozhou23:4210:3010h 48min
K8418Huangshan21:2408:5811h 34min
K8356Lianyungang East20:4508:2811h 43min
K464Xinyang16:3005:1512h 45min
K1506Zhoukou23:5412:4012h 46min
K152Zhengzhou16:4307:4515h 2min
K1106Nanyang14:4806:1215h 24min
K738Luoyang14:2406:4616h 22min
K1102Anyang13:3307:0517h 32min
K2504Rizhao13:2707:4618h 19min
K234Shijiazhuang11:1206:0518h 53min
K782Yingtan12:2808:5020h 22min
K372Taiyuan16:0312:5020h 47min
K560Yan’an14:4214:3323h 51min
K1152Chongqing North22:1223:5025h 38min
K516Changchun10:5815:2928h 31min
K1156Chengdu08:5614:0029h 4min
K1332Yinchuan09:2919:5330h 39min
K376Xining West08:5016:2831h 38min
K188Dandong17:1205:0535h 53min

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