Daocheng Travel Guide

Daocheng is located at the south of Gantse Tibetan Prefecture, at the southwestern border of Sichuan Province. It is around 800 kilometers away from Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province and 430 kilometers away from Kangding, capital of Gantse Prefecture.

Daocheng has long enjoyed great fame as the "last shangri-la" among Chinese travelers due to its breath-taking natural scenery. The area, located at an average elevation of 3800m, is full of alpine views of floppy blue sky, loquacious rivers and lakes, broad pastures and snow capped mountains.

Daocheng is home to many endangered species. Long-tailed leaf monkeys, golden monkeys, white-lipped deer, red deer, water deer, argali, antelope enjoy their life freely in this vast land, untouched by human beings.

The Yading National Reserve at the south edge of Daocheng County has been considered as the most sacred place in western Sichuan Province by Tibetan pilgrims. Mountains and lakes in the reserve are believed holy. The three sacred mountains Jambeyang (or Yangmaiyong in Mandarin, 5958 meters high), Chanadorje (Xiaruoduoji, 5958 meters high), Shenrezig (Xiannairi 6032 meters high) has saw stream of pious Tibetan pilgrims circling them, in the hope of a better and happier life. It is said that those three mountains were blessed in the 8th century, when Buddha Padmasambhava shed his divine light on the range, and named the three elevations after three bodhisattvas. As leader of the U.S. National Geographic Society's Yunnan-Sichuan Expedition, Joseph F. Rock, the renowned American explorer and botanist, visited Yading in 1928. Awed by the sacred snowy peaks, he wrote and took photographs for an article entitled "Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountain of the Outlaws", published in National Geographic in July of 1931. "The Shenrezig peak resembles a huge white throne, such as Living Buddhas use when meditating: a worthy seat for a Tibetan deity!" wrote Rock. "In a cloudless sky before me rose the peerless pyramid of Jambeyang, the finest mountain my eyes ever beheld."

Recommended 6-Day Daocheng Photography Tour

Day 1: Drive from Chengdu to Xindu Bridge. You will enjoy beautiful natural scenery of green valleys, clear rivers, rolling mountains.

Day 2: Xindu Bridge to Daocheng. Visit Mount Haizi Scenic Area and Litang Grassland.

Day 3: Daocheng to Riwa to Yading. Visit Yading Nature Reserve.

Day 4: Yading to Daocheng. Visit Chonggu Temple and have a riding on horse on the grassland.

Day 6: Daocheng to Xindu Bridge. Visit Mount Haizi Scenic Area, Litang Temple.

Day 7: Xindu Bridge to Chengdu. Visit Luding Bridge, Daduhe Valley.

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Please send me a quotation for a party of 5 (4 adults, 1 children) from Singapore to Daocheng based on the above iternary?

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 Have you booked the international flights well? Is Chengdu your both arrival and departure city? We have an 8 day tour of western Chengdu including the visit to Daocheng and Yading, the price is $1,819 per person based on a group of 5 people; for more information of the tour, please click: http://www.chinahighlights.com/tour/chengdutour/cd-11/

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