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Beijing Festivals

Beijing, the capital of China, is also the cultural center of the country. Beijing hosts a wide variety of festivals each year. Popular activities include traditional festivals, arts, films, music, and sports.

The most important Beijing festivals are listed below. If you plan to add one of the festivals to your tour, contact us or let us customize a tour for you to include a festival.

Beijing Festivals and Events List

The Mid-Autumn Festival 2015 in Beijing

People are guessing lantern riddles on the Mid-Autumn Festival. Most of these customs have been forsaken with the modernization of the city. Today, they are still remembered by those who strive t... Read more

Christmas in Beijing - How to Celebrate Christmas in Beijing

Dec. 1 to Dec. 31

Don’t worry about everything being closed during the Christmas holidays. In Beijing everything's open. Cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, it's a winter wonderland of options for travelers searchi... Read more

Beijing International Long-Distance Running Festival

Apr. 26 

The Beijing International Long-Distance Running Festival is one of the grandest sporting events in China. The Festival is part of the continuing desire to create a healthy China and world. Ea... Read more

Beijing International Beer Festival

Jul. 17 to Aug. 15

The festival aims at offering an opportunity for people to enjoy the fun of drinking beer and carnivals like the Munich Oktoberfest, so the organizers have joined hands with Schottenhamel Ltd. C... Read more

World Snooker China Open

Jan. 5 to May. 4

Venue: Beijing University Students Gymnasium The World Snooker China Open, a professional snooker tournament, is one of eight ranking tournaments confirmed by the WPBSA. The tournament regularl... Read more

Beijing International Imported Food Exhibition

Jun. 12 to Jun. 14

The Beijing International Import Food Exhibition (FCE) mainly displays the latest technology and products of domestic and overseas food exporters. The exhibition strives&... Read more

Beijing’s Daxing Watermelon Festival

May. 28 to Jun. 1

Daxing District, in Beijing's southern suburbs, pays homage to the watermelon every May 28 during the Daxing Watermelon Festival. Watermelons Compete for Title Consider it a beauty pageant... Read more

Beijing 798 Art Festival

Sep. 20 to Oct. 30

Beijing 798 art zone, as one of China's main centers for cutting edge contemporary art, is located on Jiuxianqiao Road, Dashanzi Area, Chaoyang District. It has a total construction area of 230... Read more

The Grand View Garden Fair

Feb. 19 to Feb. 23

Grand View Garden, known as Da Guan Yuan in Mandarin, is a garden straight out of the pages of “A Dream of Red Mansions”, a classic Chinese novel. It also is the site of one of many Beijing festiv... Read more

Celebrate Chinese New Year at the Beijing Dongyue Temple Fair

Feb. 19 to Feb. 25

Temple fairs are popular activities in many parts of China during the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration (Spring Festival). Happiness is celebrated at the Dongyue Temple Fair, one of the old... Read more

Baiyun Temple Fair

Feb. 19 to Mar. 9

Baiyun Temple Fair As one of the traditional temple fairs of Beijing, Baiyun Temple Fair is held in Beijing's Baiyun Temple from 1st to 19th of the first Chinese lunar month each year, during ... Read more

Beijing Changdian Temple Fair

Feb. 19 to Feb. 23

For visitors who want to have an authentic northern Chinese festival experience, the Changdian Temple Fair is a vibrant, energetic celebration that welcomes Chinese and foreigners alike. Like... Read more

Beijing Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Sep. 10 to Oct. 26

The Beijing Chrysanthemum Festival (北京菊花文化节) takes place in Beijing every fall. Visitors can enjoy the fine autumn weather and see thousands of colorful chrysanthemums, one of the four tradit... Read more

Red Leaf Festival at Fragrant Hill

Oct. 12 to Nov. 10

Charming scenery of Red Leaf in Fragrant Hill, one of the four best places to appreciate red leaf in China Fragrant Hill Red Leaf Festival is usually held in the middle of October at Fragra... Read more

Bejing International Music Festival

Oct. 9 to Oct. 31

Established in 2004, the Beijing International Music Festival is a celebration of classical music from throughout the world as well as China. Collaboration makes this festival an outstanding even... Read more

Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival

Ice sculpture in Longqing Gorge Longqing Gorge, located about 80 km (50 mi) northwest of Beijing, and sometimes referred to as the "Little Three Gorges" (as in the three gorges of the Three Gorg... Read more

Beijing International Peach Blossom Music Festival

Apr. 6 to May. 6

Beijing's Pinggu District is the world's largest peach blossom area which covers a land area of 220,000 mu (14,674 hectares). It was elected as one of the top ten destination in the wo... Read more

Yuyuantan Park Ice and Snow Festival

Dec. 28 to Feb. 28

Yuyuantan Park is currently hosting its 5th annual ice and snow festival. The park, boasting a total area of 338.5 acres (137 ha) in Beijing’s Haidian District, is alive with a traditional winter... Read more

The Bird's Nest Ice and Snow Festival

Dec. 25 to Feb. 23

The Bird's Nest Ice and Snow Festival is a Disney princess theme festival, using the US$423 million Beijing Olympic venue — the Bird's Nest. For this festival the Nat... Read more

Five Gods of Wealth Temple Fair

Feb. 9 to Feb. 13

At Wuxiancaishen Temple (五显财神庙, 'Five Prominent Wealth Gods Temple')  there are five gods of wealth enshrined and worshiped. It is an important activity for many old natives of Beijing to com... Read more

Huangyaguan Great Wall Marathon

May. 21 

Part of the Great Wall used for the Huangyaguan Marathon What is exciting about the Huangyaguan Great Wall marathon is that it is actually run on the Great Wall. About a quarter of the 42.2 kilom... Read more