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Zhuang Nationality Song Festival

  • Celebrated: Apr. 2 
  • Location: Guilin

Zhuang-nationality Song Festival, also known as Gewei Festival (歌圩节) and Gepo Festival (歌婆节), is held in the third day of March of Chinese lunar year. The festival is celebrated in two separate parts, day Gewei and night Gewei. The former consists chiefly of singing matches in the field, whereas the main contents of the latter include singing production songs, seasonal songs, historical songs and Pan songs (盘歌 for seven parts of females voice and two violas).Before the festival, Zhuang-nationality people would make Wuse rice (五色饭, five-color rice cooked with different vegetables) and painted eggs ready and girls are busy preparing Xiuqiu (a ball made of rolled silk). During the day, young men and women are dressed in their best clothes. Men are holding precious gifts while women are taking along the Xiuqiu. Some youth are carrying the statue of Liu Sanjie (the god of songs) on their shoulder and singing in antiphonal style. Some girls are piling colorful embroidery shelves, waiting for boys to come. And they are singing in antiphonal style. If one girl thinks that some boy is her Mr. Right, she is throwing the ball to the boy. The boy will tie his gift on the ball and return the ball if he likes the girl as well. In this way, they are matched each other. Currently, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government has set the day as Zhuang Song Festival officially and been developing it as the regional culture and art festival.