Gansu is a province with long history, numerous historical relics and natural scenery. It is very convenient not matter by air or by railway or by highway when traveling in most parts of Gansu. Following are the brief introduction on air, railway, and highway within the province.


At present, there are three airports in Gansu: Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, Dunhuang Airport and Jiayuguan Airport. There are more than air lines in Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport connecting Lanzhou with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and main cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Xiamen, etc. It is very convenient to get there because there are airport shuttle buses running between unban area and the airport.

The flights in Jiayuguan Airport are lesser at present. There are flights to Dunhuang, Lanzhou and Xi’an. Dunhuang Airport is more prosperous than Jiayuguan Airport, especially in tourist rush seasons (from May to October). Air lines to Lanzhou, Xi’an, Beijing, Jiayuguan, Urumqi and some other cities have been opened. Taking a taxi to the airport from Dunhuang urban area may cost about 35 yuan. Check the flight schedule in Lanzhou, Dunhuang and Jiayuguan.


Gansu is an important railway section connecting east China and west China. So the railway is very advanced in most parts of Gansu. Travelers can directly arrive at Tianshui, Dunhuang and Hexi Corridor without changing trains at Lanzhou. Read more detail transportation information in Jiayuguang, Zhangye, Tianshui and Jiuquan. Check the train schedule in cites of Gansu.


Because there is no railway in Gannan, so it is more convenient to get to Gansu from Qinghai Province and Sichuan Province by highway. The 215 national road connecting Golmud in Qinghai and Dunhuang is good in road condition and beautiful in the scenery along, so it is an good choice to get to Dunhuang from Urumqi (passing Turpan and Kumul) by highway. Most coach bused to Gansu will firstly arrive at Lanzhou, so travelers need to changes buses depending on their destinations. Read more detail transportation information in Jiayuguang, Zhangye, Tianshui and Jiuquan.

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