Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is really a magnificent building in the shape of octangle. It is not only one of the symbolic constructions in Guangzhou with its majestic appearance and the infused rich Chinese national color, but also an important place for large scale meeting and performance.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is built in order to commemorate the contributions of Sun Zhongshan, the great predecessor of Chinese revolution for democracy. It is a memorial construction donated by the people in Guangzhou and the overseas Chinese and is listed as one of the first class cultural relics in Guangdong Province. Designed by the famous Chinese architect, Mr. Lu Yanzhi, the construction started in 1929 and finished in October of 1931.

Before the liberation, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was badly damaged due to the lack of attention. After the liberation, our government has particularly appropriated some funds for several times to repair the memorial hall. Finally, in 1998, there appeared the completely new memorial hall after the careful repair. The memorial hall and the courtyard together cover an area of 62,000 square meters with the 6,600-square-meter's major building with a framework of steel work and reinforced concrete.

In the front of the memorial hall, there erects the statue of Mr. Sun Zhongshan. And there hangs a golden slab with four Chinese characters of "Tian Xia Wei Gong" written by Sun Yat-sen himself above the front door of the memorial hall. With the statue and the slab reflecting and corresponding to each other, there forms a magnificent scene which reminds people of the brilliant life experience of the great man.

The central coping of the octagon pavilion of the Zhongshan Memorial Hall is surrounded by the four decorating double eaves from the front, back, left, and right sides of it. The whole construction is majestic, solemn and rich in Chinese national culture. Inside the memorial hall, there are tall and straight ancient but precious trees and cloud pillars with lifelike cranes on them, presenting a magnificent scene. Around the memorial hall, yellow walls and red pillars decorated by blue glazed tiles, are shining in the sun, showing the resplendence and solemnity. Back of the memorial hall, there is the Zhongshan Monument erecting on the top of Yuexiu Mountain. The monument is so remarkable and stately that it seems to go clean through the sky. The audience house inside the memorial hall, with a domed roof which is a huge embedded sprung roof made of glasses that has no supporting pillars to impair the view but rarely produces echoes, is an outstanding construction among world-famous architecture.

Questions and Answers About Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Mike 2013-02-02
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where is it located in Guangzhou? which line, station, etc? Thanks
Dear Mike, Guangzhou is located in Guangdong province, in the south of China. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-02-03
Ha Tae-ryong 2010-11-10
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I want to get email address of Sun Yat-sen memorial hall,Guangzhou city (email of director general).Thanks
Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall doesn’t provide official website or e-mail address. What kind of information you would like to know about it? Carol Wang replied on 2010-11-12
Ale 2010-10-04
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Hi, could you tell me if I could get train tickets to travel from Guangzhou to Yiwu on the day itself? How frequent are the trains? How much does it cost? Thanks you
Hello. Every day there are 4 trains from Guangzhou to Yiwu, costing 16-18 hours. Usually you can get the tickets if you are not traveling during the peak season (May 1-3, October 1-7, Spring Festival around February). The ticket price is vary depending on different trains and seat classes, you can search at this page ( If you need tour services in China, feel free to send us an email to, our travel advisors will be glad to help. Mia Yang replied on 2010-10-06
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