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Macau Weather in May

Weather: May and June are the wettest months. It gets hot and muggy. Tropical storms storm in sometimes at the start of the monsoon season that extends through the summer. There is an average high temperature of 28 °C (82 °F) and an average low temperature of 24 °C (75 °F). Macau gets a whopping 362 mm of rain each May, and it rains about half of the days of the month. If you are thinking of going to Macau, try checking the forecasts ahead of time.

Clothing: We suggest packing shorts, T-shirts, summer skirts, etc. Sunglasses might prove a relief in the bright Macau glare of sunny days, because of all the light reflecting off of glass and pavement. Bring an umbrella for the rainy days.

Things to Do

It is warm enough to go to the beach. Yes, Macau has big public beaches like Heisha Beach ('Black Sand Beach').

If it's rainy, you can shop. Macau has duty free shopping, and you can shop for souvenirs, luxury goods, or investment products. See more about Macau shopping.

Visit the Venetian's Grand Canal mall: When you are inside, it actually does seem like you are outdoors in Venice. It is Macau's biggest mall with a million square feet (9 hectares) of jewelry, gold, clothing, luxury goods, and restaurants.

Monte Fort: The fort is almost 400 years old and covers about 10,000 square meters. It is quite imposing and looks like a medieval castle. If you are on the walls in the evening, looking down you can see the shimmering and colorful casino lights on the mainland of Macau and the colors of the sunset.

May is in the low travel season.

However, the three-day May Day national holidays and the arrival of tour groups from China make Macau hotel rooms, flights and train tickets in high demand. Prices are higher than normal in the first week of May. To take advantage of low season prices arrive after the holidays.

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Further Reading

Macau Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
May   180 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
May   280 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
May   380 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
May   480 °F26.67 °C72 °F22.22 °C
May   581 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
May   681 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
May   781 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
May   881 °F27.22 °C73 °F22.78 °C
May   982 °F27.78 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1082 °F27.78 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1182 °F27.78 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1282 °F27.78 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1382 °F27.78 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1483 °F28.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1583 °F28.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1683 °F28.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1783 °F28.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1883 °F28.33 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1984 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2084 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2184 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2284 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2384 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2484 °F28.89 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2585 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   2685 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   2785 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   2885 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   2985 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   3085 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C
May   3185 °F29.44 °C77 °F25 °C

Macau Climate Information by Month