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Our Shenzhen maps include a Shenzhen location map, a Shenzhen street map, a Shenzhen district map, a Shenzhen port map, and a Shenzhen subway map.

Map Of Shenzhen's Location In China

Location Map

Shenzhen Street Map

Map of City Street

Shenzhen's District Map

Map of the Region

Shenzhen Port Map

Shenzhen Port Map

Shenzhen Subway Map

Shenzhen Subway Map

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Questions and Answers About Shenzhen Maps

Mendey 2014-01-02
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Hello, I need to find building material markets in Shenzhen.
Dear Mendey, There are many markets, so I listed some ones for reference. 1. Jiajule Market(家乐居装饰建材市场)   Adress: No.238 Liyuan Road, Luohu District(罗湖区梨园路238号) 2. Jinxing Market(金星建材平价市场)   Adress: No.125 Tianbei Road, Luohu District(深圳市罗湖区田贝四路125号) 3. Jinbei Market(锦贝建材商场)   Adress: No.1084 Wenjing North Road, Luohu District(罗湖区文锦北路1084号) 4. Jiaxin Market(嘉信装潢建材连锁超市)   Adress: No.1183 Cuizhu Road(罗湖区翠竹路1183号) Lussie Lu replied on 2014-01-02
Casper 2013-09-10
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I need to get from Nanjing to Shenzhen...what is the best way or the most economical

Hello, the best and fastest way to get from Nanjing to Shenzhen is to take flight. It takes about 2 hours and cost US$254 per person. The most economical way is to take train. It takes about 25 hours and cost US$105 per person for soft sleepers.

You could visit here to check on the schedule and book directly online:

Nora Ou replied on 2013-09-10
Zee 2013-08-15
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Hello, I need to know how long we take by ride from Muslim Hotel Shenzhen to railway station ?

Dear Zoe,
It takes 10 minutes from Muslim Hotel Shenzhen to Shenzhen Luohu Railway station, cost around CNY16-20 by taxi.

Nancy Deng replied on 2013-08-15
eny 2013-05-03
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Hello, on juni I stay at lee garden inn Shenzhen , what''s the pinyin name''s of this hotel? How to go there from the laojie station. Thank you
Dear Eny, Lee Garden Inn's pinyin name is Liyuan Jiudian(丽苑酒店), it is about 1.4 km between the hotel and the station. You could take a taxi to get to the hotel direclty. Or you also could take Longgang Line(龙岗线) subway from Laojie station(老街站) to Shaibu station(晒布站)where is about 200 meters from the hotel. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-05-03
Awang 2013-04-23
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which is better, cheap and fast way (by bus or Metro) to Luo hu from Baoan Airport?

Hi Awang, metro is better.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-04-23
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