Shenzhen Travel Guide

Geographical Position

Shenzhen is located between 113.46 and 114.37 east longitude,and between 22.27and 22.52 north latitude. It is in the South of Guangdong Province and to the south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Shenzhen is demarcated from Hong Kong by the Shenzhen River in the South, and is bordered by Dongguan and Huizhou to the north. Its sea is part of the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural port city with Daya Bay in the east and the Lingding Sea to the west.


Shenzhen has a subtropical maritime climate with plenty of rain and sunshine. It is never blazingly hot in the summer and the season can last for as long as six months. It is mild in spring, autumn and winter. It is not very cold in winter. The annual average temperature is 22.4, with the highest temperature being 36.6 and the lowest 1.4. The year's frost-free period can be as long as 355 days. The rainy season lasts from May to September. Annual average rainfall is 1,933.3 mm. Typhoons usually occur in summer and autumn, luckily most typhoons are obstructed by mountains. Only about once in every two years, on average, is the urban area hit directly by a typhoon.


The total area of Shenzhen is 1948.69 square kilometers. The size of the Special Economic Zone is 391.71 square kilometers. Shenzhen is mainly undulating with an occasional plain tableland, declining from the southeast to the northwest. The western part of Shenzhen comprises coastal plains. Mount Wutong, with an altitude of 943.7m, is the city's highest peak.


Shenzhen started to receive immigrants at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1179). when Shenzhen City was established, there were only 31.41 natives, most of them Hakkas.

By the end of 2001, permanent resident population in Shenzhen totaled 4.67 million, including some 2.558 million living within the Special Economic Zone, average age was less than 30. the "New Immigrants"are from throughout the country and account for 90 percent of Shenzhen's population.

Shenzhen Food

Shenzhen is a typical immigrant city. So you can find cuisines of many other cities of China here. Additionally, Thai cuisine, Vietnam cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indonesian Cuisine and many other Western-style fast-foods are all available in Shenzhen. read more

Shenzhen Shopping

Shenzhen, a modern and prosperous metropolis, offers tourists a great shopping opportunity. There are some best choices for you, such as fashionable and reasonable clothing, jewelry, seafood, electrical appliance, digital products and furniture. read more

Shenzhen Nightlife

A night stroll in Shenzhen Square would provide you the chance to appreciate some folk songs and dances. Besides, you can also play some sports like bowling, ping pong and tennis in some clubs, which is absolutely a healthy method to keep fit. read more

Shenzhen Travel Tips


  • Shenzhen Branch of Bank of China Address: International Financial Mansion, No.2022, Jianshe Road

Post Office

    Jianshe Road branch: No.195, Shennandong
  • Tianjian Road branch: Tianjian 4th Road


  • Shenzhen People's Hospital Address: No.1017, Dongmen Road(North)
  • Peking University Shenzhen Hospital Address: No.1120, Lianhua Road, Futian District
  • Shenzhen Second People's Hospital Address: No.3009, Sungang Road (West), Futian District
  • Shenzhen Children's Hospital  Address: No.7019, Yitian Road, Futian District


    Shenzhen Catholic Church (St. Anthony's Church) Address: Zhuzilin, Nonglin Road, Futian District
  • Shenzhen Christian Church Address: Meilin Road

Emergency Numbers

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Traffic: 122

Useful Numbers

  • Shenzhen Tourist Bureau: 8200320
  • Consumer complaints: 12315
  • Price complaints: 12358
  • Quality complaints: 12365

Questions and Answers About Shenzhen Travel Guide

faridah 2013-12-17
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visited shenzen and the shopping experience is terrific. would love to visit again soon. is it ok to fly straight to shenzen airport from kuala lumpur? would be staying on Louhu district again.

Hi faridah, I didn't find the flight from kuala lumpur to Shenzhen, but if you find one, you fly straight to shenzen airport from kuala lumpur.

Simon Huang replied on 2013-12-17
Chris 2013-12-09
Show Answer
Recently Thai government has waived visa to Chinese tourists entering her kingdom . Would this effect a Thai passport holder like myself entering visafree into China ?
We don't have any news about the change of visa free policy , so it should be OK for you to enter China. Leon Long replied on 2013-12-09
Naim 2013-09-02
Show Answer
I am african american and i have always wanted to visit China..Shenzhen, is my choice..I plan to visit for 10 days..Advice needed regarding air travel and hotel lodging..Plus, my diet consist of no pork products..I have friends in Shenzhen..Want to surprise them..Late December
Dear Naim, Thank you for your inquiry. Per the flight, there will be more flight from UAS to Guangzhou, and the price is cheaper than other cities. You can fly to Guangzhou and take a train to Shenzhen (about 2 hours). As you will stay in Shenzhen for 10 days, I think a hostel will be good. Compared to stay in a traditional hotel ,hostel will give you more information about what and where to explore in Shenzhen. There are also many Muslim restaurants in Shenzhen, here are some recommended restaurants: Xinjiangren Muslim Restaurant (新疆人穆斯林餐厅) Add: No.61-9, Shahe Street (沙河街61-9) Add: (+86)075583258966 Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant (新疆穆斯林餐厅) Add: No.312 Zhenxing Food Palace, Zhenxing West Road (振兴西路振兴美食城312号) Add: (+86)075526766692 Doris Huang replied on 2013-09-05
dharmesh 2013-04-16
Show Answer
we are indians from india. how to apply 144hrs free visa for shenzhen and guanzhou
Hi Dharmesh, to enter the Pearl Delta area from HK or Macao, we can help to deal with all the process of 144hr visa. Please let me know when, where to go, how many people. Thanks! Whitney Liao replied on 2013-04-17
shoukat 2013-04-04
Show Answer
hello I shoukat will be visiting Shenzhen in May end, I am from India which will be best hotel and good place to stay.I will be visiting a company WNC on official work. I need Indian food pls advise
Dear Shoukat, We usually recommend Shenzhen Shanshui Trends Hotel(3*) and Lido Hotel(3*) to our clients. More options: Here are some Indian restaurants for reference. 1.Malay Scenery马来风光 Address: No.3085, Shennan Dong Road, Luohu District (罗湖区深南东路3085号骏庭酒店1楼) 2. Spice Circle时派圈印度餐厅(天俊大厦店) Address: No.3018, Dongmen Nan Road, Luohu District (罗湖区东门南路3018号天俊大厦群楼1楼旁) 3. Indian Meichu Restaurant印度美厨 Address: No.42, Zhenhua Road, Futian District (福田区振华路42号) Lussie Lu replied on 2013-04-07
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