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The Top 10 Theme Parks in China

China is a world-renowned destination for exciting theme parks. Indeed, out of the twenty largest and most popular amusement parks in Asia, 11 are located in China. China's themed parks are recognized globally and compete favorably with those in U.S and Europe for world's most visited parks. The parks offer a mixture of Western and local cultures, have exciting rides, theater performances, as well as golfing and gaming facilities.

1. Guangzhou Changlong Holiday Resort

Guangzhou Changlong Holiday Resort features a combination of attractive and entertaining facilities. It integrates a variety of facilities including animal parks, water parks, hotel, art/theater, gaming and golfing facilities.

Changlong Holiday Resort
  • Chimelong Safari Park offers tourists an experience of over 500 animal species including 20,000 rare types.
  • Guangzhou Crocodile Park: Tourists enjoy a view of about 100, 000 crocodiles in this park, which is rated as the biggest crocodile farm in the world.
  • Chimelong Paradise: The facility has made its way into the Guinness world record of world's top ten loop roller coaster riding places.
  • Chimelong Hotel, China's largest eco-themed hotel, has a domestic animal theme. It's the only place in China that has living white tigers and flamingos.

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2. Overseas China Town (OCT)

The park stretches from the coast to high up a mountain in Shenzhen. Ecoventure Valley and Tea Stream Valley are the main park areas. OCT features outdoor sporting activities, science education facilities, eco-tourism, and leisure facilities. This beautiful, town-based theme park is the city's tourism model district, and features advanced environmental management practices.

  • Rides in the Ecoventure Valley include a wooden coaster ride, inspired by Great Coasters International, and the waterfall flume. 
  • The park also offers an interaction of Chinese and Western cultures at the Interlaken Alpine town, wetlands garden, tea garden, and the old town, among other areas.
  • Landscapes include Tea Valley Resort's "world of flowers and green landscapes" and the calm, beautiful, mountainous scenery.
  • Play golf on two 18-hole golf courses.

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3. Beijing Happy Valley

Beijing Happy Valley

This park features a variety of attractions in an area of 1 square kilometer. It offers more than 50 landscape themes, 10 themed shows, 30 theme rides, and over 20 gaming and business support facilities.

Thriller coaster rides

The park hosts at least six world-class rides, including the 'Snow-Covered Gold Wings' — the largest suspended roller coaster in Asia, the Titan Car — Asia's largest pendulum ride, 'Heaven and Earth Shuttle — the only twin towers shuttle in Asia, the Apollo Wheel — world's tallest Ferris wheel, and Odyssey Tour.

4. Changzhou Dinosaur Park

This cultural park has a dinosaur theme, and features more than 70 tourist attractions, including Dinosaur Island, hot springs, green gardens, a water park (open July and August), and high-tech facilities. Funny Dinosaur Town features arcade gaming facilities and exhibitions.

Dinosaur Island integrates ecological and environmental themes and offers a variety of attractive and adventurous activities for children, including forest climbing, dinosaur hunting in the bushes, and obstacle courses, mountain adventures and cable slidingDinosaur Island features a variety of stage performances, model rockets, model guns and men in military garb.

Rides: In addition to having rides suitable for adults, the park has kids rides. Lubara has bizarrely-themed pirate ships.

How to get there

The address is 1 Hanjiang Road, New Area District, Changzhou. Take bus 26 or 302.

5. Shenzhen Happy Valley

Shenzhen Happy Valley theme park occupies an area of 350,000 square meters, and was built at a cost of 2 billion yuan. It is one of the most advanced parks in China today, offering business and entertainment facilities, including Theater Ballet in the evenings.

The variety of rides include some of the country's oldest mobile objects, such as the Mine Car, Snow Dragon mountain cable car, Perfect Storm, and China's First Space Rocket, China's first elevated sightseeing train, the world's longest warship.

6. Shanghai Happy Valley

This port-based theme park features Ant Kingdom and Hurricane Bay. It covers a total area of 863,500 square meters and is a great visit for people interested in fun rides, similar to those found in Western amusement parks.

In addition to a wooden roller coaster and a drop-coaster that travels 60 meters and falls in two different locations, there is the first dual-cockpit-type spinning machine in China, and a pendulum hammer ride that rotates 240 degrees. Other entertainment and adventures include riding in ships that took part in the Gulf War, a whirlpool (gyro swing), and walking through ancient valleys.

7. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

This is the smallest of the world's most famous Disneyland theme parks, covering an area of about 1.1 square kilometers on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It faces the South China Sea and is surrounded by mountains on three sides.

Explore broad rivers, a mysterious Asian forest, Taishan Island, and an African grassland. Tomorrow World brings a feel of the outer space and endless universe, while Fantastic World presents a world of dream and fantasy. See Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Cinderella, and Dumbo the flying elephant.

8. Wuhan Happy Valley

This large-scale integrated facility covers 13 sq. km., with over 100 entertainment features, including coaster rides. Wuhan Happy Valley has over 10 arts centers, hosting Taiwan cultural performances, ecological landscapes, the Contemporary Art Center, a theater for Chinese acrobatics, and an ecological museum.

How to get there

Takes bus 534, 566 or 725.

9. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

This themed park is in an ocean resort in Zhuhai. It has top amusements, entertainment, art, and theater facilities, and nine rare types of marine animals in the Evergreen Marine Kingdom. 

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is considered one of the largest marine animal theme parks in the world. It also features several shopping centers, 19 specialty restaurants, outdoor performance facilities and 3 large theaters.

How to get there

Reaching the park takes about 40 minutes from Gongbei Border Bus Station on bus K10 (3 yuan). You can also take a bus from Jida Bus Terminal. Or take a customizable Zhuhai Tour.

10. Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley's themed areas have a taste of Western cultures, with exception of the Great Szechwan, which has a Chinese feel. Happy Light Year provides tourists with a carnival feeling. Chengdu Happy Valley theme park also hosts the International Pop Festival, Extreme Sports International Championships, International Magic Festival, and Christmas parties and events.

Many rides are specifically designed for families, including the Ferris wheels, tilt-a-whirl, Big Splash Flume log ride with the option of shooting riders with water cannons, North Pole Adventure, Kung Fu Panda knock-off 4D ride, and a rotating tower ride on Flying Island.

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