baiqieji Min Cuisine is one of the eight famous cuisines in China.

Min Cuisine, also called Fujian Cuisine, originates from South China's Fujian Province. The history of Min Cuisine dates back to 5000 years ago. It consists of three styles, namely Fuzhou style, which is usually tastes light compared with other styles, often with a mixed sweet and sour taste; Western Fujian style, featuring slightly spicy flavoring from mustard and pepper; and Southern Fujian style, which usually tastes spicy and sweet.

The three notable features of Min Cuisine are: the use of delicacies from the mountains and sea as the main ingredients, a specialism in soup making and expertise in applying various kinds of seasonings. Fujian's abundant natural resources mean Fujian Cuisine is rich in high-quality ingredients, especially delicacies from the mountains and sea.

Min Cuisine pays a great deal of attention on utilizing soup. As a saying about the region's cuisine goes: "It is unacceptable for a meal not to have soup". Fujian people like to use various kinds of sauces and seasonings to create the tastes of salty, sweet, sour and spicy. Salty seasonings include shrimp sauce, shrimp oil and soy sauce; sour seasonings include white vinegar and qiaotou (a vegetable similar to green onion and garlic); sweet seasonings include brown sugar and crystal sugar; sweet-smelling seasononings include brown sugar, spiced powder, aniseed and cassia bark; and spicy seasonings include pepper and mustard.

The cooking techniques of Fujian Cuisine are: pan-frying, deep-frying, boiling, baking, stewing, mixing, sautéing with wine, stewing in gravy, grilling, cooking with red rice wine, simmering, stir-frying, smoking, braising and salting. Among them the most characteristic one is cooking with red rice wine, which includes stir-frying with red rice wine, and baking with red rice wine, quick-frying with red rice wine and deep-frying with red rice wine. The "drunken" (cooked in wine) dishes are prevalent in Fujian Province and very famous throughout China.

Min Cuisine

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce sān bēi jī Sann bay jee 三杯鸡
Steamed Chicken in Red Fermented Rice zuì zāo jī Dzway dzaoww jee 醉糟鸡
Sliced Chicken in Red Fermented Rice shāo piàn zāo jī Shaoww pyen dzaoww jee 烧片糟鸡
Buddha Jumping Wall (Sea Food and Poultry Casserole) fú tiào qiáng For tyaoww chyang 佛跳墙
Steamed Strengthening Fish qīngzhēng jiā lì yú Ching-jnng jyaa lee yoo 清蒸加力鱼
Tai Chi Prawns tàijí míng xiā Teye-jee ming sshyaa 太极明虾
Hot and Sour Squid suān là làn yóuyú Swann laa lan yoh-yoo 酸辣烂鱿鱼
Sweet and Sour Litchis lìzhī ròu Lee-jrr roh 荔枝肉

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