Chinese Vegetarian Food

nanyuan sister restaurantSoybean and Toufu

Most Chinese vegetarians are Buddhists, following the Buddhist teachings about minimizing suffering. In addition, many Yoga enthusiasts in China are vegetarians or vegans.   Nowadays, in order to keep healthy and fit, more and more Chinese people who are not vegetarians or vegans, tend to eat vegetarian food from time to time. Therefore, vegetarian food is common and readily available in China, though vegetarianism is only practiced by a relatively small fraction of the population. Moreover, an emphasis on fresh vegetables makes Chinese cuisine perfect for vegetarians. The mainstays of Chinese cuisine, noodles, rice, tofu, and vegetables, are all fine for vegetarians. It takes some effort and a bit of flexibility to find fine vegetarian food in many restaurants, which do not have vegetarian menus.

Besides large varieties of vegetables, Chinese vegetarian food often uses tofu (bean curd), dry bean curd, nuts, mushrooms, fungi and water plants as its ingredients. Interestingly, you will frequently find dishes resembling a type of meat or seafood. For example, in Fried Mock Oyster, mashed tofu pieces are shaped like an oyster. Besides good taste, Chinese vegetarian food emphasizes appearance, displaying a harmonious balance of colors and textures as well as flavors.

Here is a list of common Chinese vegetarian dishes and/or street food, including names in Chinese, Pinyin and English.

Vegetarian Food

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Questions and Answers About Chinese Vegetarian Food

pahlaj 2012-01-27
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hindu vagitables food (no meat fish egg) in feburary month
You can find information about Hindu Vegetable food at Most Chinese vegetarians are Buddhists, following the Buddhist teachings about minimizing suffering. In addition, many Yoga enthusiasts in China are vegetarians or vegans. See more information about Chinese Vegetable food at Iris Zhong replied on 2012-02-03
Xinti 2011-06-10
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how to make spicy chili sauce
Hi, Xinti, following are the steps: first you will need to boil the Tomatoes, and Jalapeno. another option is to place the Jalapeno, Habanero, and the Tomatoes on a griddle or a pan. do not use cooking oil. turn the ingredients until they become soft and blackened. do not worry if the peppers turn black. next step: while you are cooking or boiling the ingredients begin to peel three to four cloves of garlic, then dice your onions. the more onions and garlic you add would be up to you and your desire for the taste. last step: If you boiled the ingredients you will need to remove them from the pot and place the peppers along with your tomatoes into a blender adding only 1/4 cup of the boiled water. after you have blended the ingredients mix the diced onions, and the diced garlic cloves into a bowl then pour the blended contents into the bowl then mix. another option would be to boil all the contents together and blending them. you can add cilantro and lemon for flavor. Read more: Enar1209 replied on 2011-06-14
renae gosse 2010-10-26
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i am doing a letter about china to a friend for school and i have to include daily live,clothing,food,and daily routine. can you help me
Hello. You can see and search on our China overview page (, Travel Tools page ( and Chinese Culture page ( There is much information you can find for your use. Mia Yang replied on 2010-10-27
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