China's Living Standards

China is undergoing remarkable and rapid change. Many of the older people have lived through times of incredible hardship and famine on a scale that is often not fully appreciated in the west.  Now economic prosperity is spreading, but there remain big differences between rural areas and the big cities, and between the Eastern seaboard and deep inland.  In some of the more remote regions there are still people who, it has been said "cannot even afford themselves."  However, as more areas open to tourism, this introduces change, and the opportunity for improved living standards.

In the cities such as Beijing or Shanghai monthly salaries are increasing steadily – although not yet in line with equivalent western cities they are steadily getting there.  This is accelerating with the new prosperity, foreign trade relations and rapidly rising standards of education in major centres.

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Questions and Answers About China's Living Standards

Pramod 2013-04-03
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Tibet seems to getting heavy rains and Half of China is under clouds.Is it a normal trend or this year 2013 has seen something different ??As per your Tibet weather trend report this time is of Spring with sun shine.I doubt if I get good weather or not..
Dear Pramod, It depends on when you will visit Tibet. In Tibet, it rarely rains, it will be sunny in mostly time. From May to Oct. it is the best time for traveling. I suggest you have a tour during that time. Please click here to realize more details: Lussie Lu replied on 2013-04-03
saleemawan 2013-02-20
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i need your help to start his own bussiness?

Hi Saleemawan,

We are a travel agency in China, do you need any tour service?  Or any business cooperation?

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-02-21
mac welsher 2012-05-28
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How is wealth distributed in china?
Hi Mac, Generrally speaking, the people in the coastal areas are richer than those in the mountain areas; Eastern parts are richer than western parts. However, our government is working to reduce the poverty gap Regards, Coco Coco Yang replied on 2012-05-28
courtney bell 2012-05-23
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what is the standard living in china?
Hi Courtney, recently, a post was widely circulated on Chinese blogs: In China, supposed a person with the wages of CNY 5,000 p/m ($800), it costs him CNY30 ($5) to eat at KFC, CNY100 ($16) in a local restaurant, CNY400 ($65) to buy a Levis and at least CNY200,000 ($30,000) to buy a Camry Toyota car; while in the US, a person with the wage of $ 5,000 p/m, it costs only $4 for KFC, $ 40 in a restaurant, $20 for a Levis and at $30,000 for a Camry Toyota car; It sounds funny but it is true in China. Because of the economic expansion in recent years, China’s CPI has been highly risen; According to current data, the CPI rose 6.5% in August which would be difficult to control in a long term; China is no longer the country with cheap consumption or labor. China Highlights would like our clients to be fully informed of the high consumer price to avoid being astonished when traveling in China and to be well prepared before coming. Below are some price index for reference:   Price Food (Per KG)   Meat CNY36 ($6) Milk CNY15 ($2.3) Aquatic Products CNY40 ($6.3) Fresh Vegetables CNY6($0.95) Fresh Local Fruits CNY36 ($6) Fuels (Per GAL) CNY30 ($5) Internet (2M/Month) CNY120($20) Clothing (department store) CNY500 ($78) Apartment (Beijing, per Sq Meter) CNY30,000 ($4,762) Nora Ou replied on 2012-05-23
Jessica rittman 2012-01-19
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i will be going to china in july of this year. What will the weather b like
It is summer in China in June. Most parts of China would be very hot. Can you tell me the very city you are intending to? So that I can give you more detailed information. Lynn Ye replied on 2012-01-20
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