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Beijing to Shanghai Transportation

Beijing and Shanghai are the biggest two cities in China. The distance between the two cities is a little far: 1,463 kilometers by railway, 1,262 kilometers by highway and 1,084 kilometers by air. However, the transportation between Shanghai and Beijing is very convenient, and trains, airplanes and coaches are all available.

Air Transport

The length of the time for a journey between Beijing and Shanghai is about 2 hours by air, and the fastest type of airplane is 737planes (generally takes 1 hour and 40 minutes). Every day, the flights between Shanghai and Beijing are available from 07:00 to 23:00, and the general departure interval is about 30 minutes. The ticket fare is about 1,000 yuan. Sometimes the discounted tickets may be available, and the price can be reduces by more than 300 yuan. Passengers can search and book a flight ticket on China flights or check out the cheap China flights on China Highlights’ website.

The places for embarkation or disembarkation can be Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Putdong International Airport. Passengers are advised to check out the air route before purchasing the flight tickets. Check out the transportation for Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Putdong International Airport.

Train Transport

China Train Search

Every day there are 53 pairs of trains running between Beijing and Shanghai, including three kinds of trains: train numbers begin with G, D, T and figure. G trains have the fastest speed (the speed can reach to 350 kilometers or 217 miles per hour) and run on the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway and then followed by D trains, T trains and regular trains (train number begins with figure). Check out the Beijing railway stations transportation and Shanghai railway stations transportation. Customers can book a train ticket on China Highlights' China trains. China Highlights offers a great number of well-designed China tour packages, including China train travel tours, Beijing tours and Guilin tours. You can also contact us to design your own tour in China.

G/D Trains (Running on Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway)

G trains park in Beijing South Railway Station (China Highlights offers booking service for hotels near/in Beijing Soyth Railway Station and hotels in Shanghai) and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station with dozens of journeys a day (including 7 D trains). 27 G trains (including nonstop G trains and stop G trains) are available around from 07:00 to 17:50 both in Beijing and Shanghai, the length of time for a journey depends on which kind of G trains: less than 5 hours (about 4 hours and 50 minutes) and about 5.5 hours. The ticket fares are 555 yuan for a second-class seat and 935 for a first-class seat.

There are 4 night passenger bullet trains (only with sleeping berths) running between Beijing and Shanghai, which brings more comfort and convenience to travelers traveling between these two cities. These trains are D313/3144, D311/312, D321/322 and D349/350. The approximate ticket fare is 500 yuan, being a little bit expensive than the second-class seat of a G train. However, many passengers think that it is worthy because they can have a comfortable sleep on these trains. See How to taking an overnight train in China

You can click trains from Shanghai to Beijing to check out the detailed train schedules.

T Trains and Regular Trains

Besides G/D trains, three pairs of T trains and one pair of regular trains are also available for the transportation between Beijing and Shanghai (or between Beijing West Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station). The following is the timetable for the four T trains and regular trains.

Train Departure Time in Beijing Departure Time in Shanghai Approximate Duration Approximate Ticket Fare
1461 11:59 (arrival time: 07:49) 12:38 (arrival time: 10:08) 19 hours and 50 minutes hard seat: 158 yuan; hard upper berth: 285 yuan; hard middle berth: 296 yuan and  hard lower berth: 306 yuan
T31/32 16:56 (arrival time: 06:30) 20:22 (arrival time: 09:53) 13 hours and 34 minutes hard seat: 179 yuan; hard upper berth: 306 yuan; hard middle berth: 317 yuan; hard lower berth: 327 yuan; soft upper berth: 478 yuan and soft lower berth: 499 yuan
T109/110 19:28 (arrival time: 09:16) 19:28 (arrival time: 09:23) 13 hours and 48 minutes
T284/281 22:30 (arrival time: 13:24) 19:37 (arrival time: 10:20) 13 hours and 54 minutes

Coach/Bus Transport

Beijing-Shanghai expressway is 1,262 kilometers ( miles), running through Tianjin City, Hebei Province, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City. The length of the time for a journey is about 18 hours, and the approximate ticket fare is about 350 yuan (the ticket price might be different for the comfort level of the different coaches). Gennerally speaking, taking a coach to travel between Beijing and Shanghai is not so convinient as by air or by train, hence, the departure frequency of the coaches running between Beijing and Shanghai is not high. For long-distance travelers (such as travelling from Beijing to Shanghai), taking coaches is not recommended, but for short-distance travelers, it should be better to take coaches. Check out Beijing coach/bus transportation and Shanghai coach/bus transportation.

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