Chinese Steamed Stuffed Buns

Baozi or steamed stuffed bunsSmall steamed bun

Steamed stuffed buns (包子 baozi /baoww-dzrr/) are a popular snack (see Chinese Snacks) throughout China, though more popular in the North, with many small shops specializing in just steamed buns in even the smaller Chinese cities and towns.

Steamed buns are made from wheat flour and leavening agents and have a spongy feel. They are steamed on large perforated trays of bamboo or steel, usually stacked over a large wok of boiling water so that the steam rises through the trays.

The basic steamed bun is called a mantou and can be white (wheat flour), brown (wholemeal flour) or yellow (corn flower). Steamed stuffed buns are called baozi, and come with a wide variety of fillings. They are bought to take away. A sample steamed bun menu is shown below.

Chinese Steamed Bun Menu

EnglishChinesePronunciationCharactersSteamed BunmántouMan-toh馒头Steamed Twisted RollhuājuǎnHwaa-jwen花卷Bread Stuffed with Lard and Sugarshuǐjīng bāoShway-jing baoww水晶包Steamed Bun Suffed with Barbecued Roast Porkchāshāo bāoChaa-shaoww baoww叉烧包Juicy Steamed Stuffed Bunguàn tāng bāoGwann tung baoww灌汤包Steamed Sandwichgē bāoGer baoww割包Go Believe Steamed Stuffed Bungǒubùlǐ bāoziGoh-boo-lee baoww-dzrr狗不理包子Jiangsu Three-Dice BunJiāngsū sān dīng bāoJyang-soo san ding baoww江苏三丁包Smashed Bean Bundòushā bāoDoh-shaa baoww豆沙包Steamed Bun Stuffed with Garlic and Chivesjiǔcài bāoJyoh-tseye baoww韭菜包Steamed Bun Stuffed with Cabbagebáicài bāoBeye-tseye baoww白菜包Steamed Creamy Custard Bunnǎihuáng bāoNeye-hwung baoww奶黄包

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