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China has many interesting, original and tasty snacks, many of which are more nutritious and natural than chocolate, sweets and crisps. A broad selection are listed below with Chinese romanization, pronunciation and Chinese characters. Chinese snacks are often sold in small shops on the backstreets or at mobile roadside stalls.

Chinese Snacks

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Taiwanese Meatballs Rou Yuan Roh ywen 肉圆
Rice and Meat Dumplings Rou Wan Roh wann 肉丸
Smelly Tofu Chou Doufu Choh doh-foo 臭豆腐
Tofu Pudding Douhua Doh-hwaa 豆花
Dried Tofu Doufu Gan Doh-foo gan 豆腐干
Oily Bean Curd You Doufu Yoh doh-foo 油豆腐
Spicy Hot Bean Curd Ma La Doufu Maa laa doh-foo 麻辣豆腐
Soybean Milk Doujiang Doh-jyang 豆浆
Fried Bread Stick Youtiao Yoh-tyaoww 油条
Prawn Crackers Xia Pian Sshyaa pyen 虾片
Shrimp Balls Xia Qiu Sshyaa chyoh 虾球
Spring Rolls Chunjuan Chwnn jwen 春卷
Egg Rolls Dan Juan Dan jwen 蛋卷
Steamed Buns Mantou Man-toh 馒头
Steamed Stuffed Buns Baozi Baoww-dzrr 包子
Clay Oven Rolls Shaobing Shaoww-bing 烧饼
Salty Rice Pudding Wan Gao Wan gaoww 碗糕
Rice Tube Pudding Tong Zai Mi Gao Tong dzeye mee gaoww 筒仔米糕
Rolling Donkey (Fried Chopped Rice Cake) Lu Dagun Loo da-gwnn 驴打滚
Red Bean Cake Hongdou Gao Hong-doh gaoww 红豆糕
Green Bean Paste Cake Lvdou Gao Lyoo-doh gaoww 绿豆糕
Glutinous Rice Cakes Nuomi Gao Nwor-mee gaoww 糯米糕
Fried White Radish Patty Luobo Gao Lwor-bor gaoww 萝卜糕
Taro Cake Yutou Gao Yoo-toh gaoww 芋头糕
Eight Treasures Ice Lolly Babao Bing Baa-baoww bing 八宝冰
Red Bean with Milk Ice Lolly Hongdou Niunai Bing Hong-doh nyoh-neye bing 红豆牛奶冰
Candied Gourd on a Stick Bingtang Hulu Bing-tung hoo-loo 冰糖葫芦

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