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China has many interesting, original and tasty snacks, many of which are more nutritious and natural than chocolate, sweets and chips. A broad selection are listed below with Chinese romanization, pronunciation and Chinese characters. Chinese snacks are often sold in small shops on the backstreets or at mobile roadside stalls.

Popular Snacks

Sweet Potatoes and Corn

Sweet potatoes are an important part of winter in China, especially the North of the country. If you visit Beijing, you'll see it is one of the many street snacks in the city or at Beijing's snack streets and snack shops . Many carts by the side of the road sell roast sweet potatoesthroughout the country, or kao hongshu烤红薯 /cow hong-shoe/, which are hot and extremely tasty. Another variation of a sweet potato snack are sweet potato chips, or hongshupian 红薯片 /hong-shoe pyen/. These can be bought either by the side of the road, or at supermarkets. 

Another popular snack is corn on the cob, or yumi 玉米 /you-me/. Corn is boiled in hobs on the street, and are cheap and tasty. Definitely a more nutritional snack than chocolate or chips. 

Nuts and Seeds

tanghulu, the Beijing toffee apple Tanghulu is an old Beijing-style snack: skewered crabapples dipped in liquid sugar and dried.

Then there are delicious the roasted chestnuts, lizi 栗子 /lee-dzuh/. These can be bought hot and are especially popular during autumn and winter. But perhaps even more popular are sunflower seeds (guazi 瓜子 /gwaa-dzrr/) the eating of which is somewhat of a national sport in China. 

Everywhere people are waiting, whether it be sitting on a train or bus, waiting for a seat at a restaurant, or just hanging out on the street, you will see people eating sunflower seeds. Most people are able to eat them without the fumbling and opening, eating them at an incredible speed, throwing the empty husks on the floor. Empty sunflower seed husks are found everywhere as a result.

It doesn't end at sunflower seeds though, as pumpkin seeds, or nangua zi南瓜子 /nan-gwaa dzrr/, are also a popular snack, especially in summer.

Other Chinese Snacks

Taiwanese Meatballsròu yuánRoh ywen肉圆
Rice and Meat Dumplingsròu wánRoh wann肉丸
Smelly Tofuchòu dòufuChoh doh-foo臭豆腐
Tofu PuddingdòuhuāDoh-hwaa豆花
Dried Tofudòufu gānDoh-foo gan豆腐干
Oily Bean Curdyóu dòufuYoh doh-foo油豆腐
Spicy Hot Bean Curdmálà dòufuMaa laa doh-foo麻辣豆腐
Soybean MilkdòujiāngDoh-jyang豆浆
Fried Bread StickyóutiáoYoh-tyaoww油条
Prawn Crackersxiā piànSshyaa pyen虾片
Shrimp Ballsxiā qiúSshyaa chyoh虾球
Spring RollschūnjuǎnChwnn jwen春卷
Egg Rollsdàn juǎnDan jwen蛋卷
Steamed BunsmántouMan-toh馒头
Steamed Stuffed BunsbāoziBaoww-dzrr包子
Clay Oven RollsshāobǐngShaoww-bing烧饼
Salty Rice Puddingwǎn gāoWan gaoww碗糕
Rice Tube Puddingtǒng zǐ mǐ gāoTong dzeye mee gaoww筒仔米糕
Rolling Donkey (Fried Chopped Rice Cake)    lǘ dǎgǔnLoo da-gwnn驴打滚
Red Bean Cakehóngdòu gāoHong-doh gaoww红豆糕
Green Bean Paste CakelǜdòugāoLyoo-doh gaoww绿豆糕
Glutinous Rice Cakesnuòmǐ gāoNwor-mee gaoww糯米糕
Fried White Radish Pattyluóbo gāoLwor-bor gaoww萝卜糕
Taro Cakeyùtou gāoYoo-toh gaoww芋头糕
Eight Treasures Ice Lollybābǎo bīngBaa-baoww bing八宝冰
Red Bean with Milk Ice Lollyhóngdòu niúnǎi bīng    Hong-doh nyoh-neye bing    红豆牛奶冰
Candied Gourd on a StickbīngtánghúluBing-tung hoo-loo冰糖葫芦

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