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Lamb or mutton is a less common meat in China, and is only commonly used where there are large areas of pasture, such as in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. However, expensive restaurants and Muslim restaurants in larger cities throughout China now can offer sheep meat on the menu, because of China's well-developed infrastructure.

Lamb skewers are a tasty and widely available item on side street barbeques.

See Chinese Common Dishes for other meat dishes and vegetarian dishes.

Lamb Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Xinjiang Roast Whole Lamb Xinjiang Kao Quan Yang Sshyin-jyang 新疆烤全羊
Northeast Mutton Slice Hot Pot Dongbei Shuan Yangrou Dong-bay shwann yang-roh 东北涮羊肉
Inner Mongolia Roast Mutton Menggu Kaorou Mnng-goo kaoww-roh 蒙古烤肉
Snowflake Mutton Xuehua Yangrou Sshwair-hwaa yang-roh 雪花羊肉
Urumqi Hand-Torn Mutton Wulumuqi Shou Zhua Yangrou oo-loo-moo-chee shoh jwaa yang-roh 乌鲁木齐手抓羊肉
Yan’an Mutton Soup Yan’an Yang Xing Tang Yen-ann yang sshing tung 延安羊腥汤

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