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China is the world’s largest rice producer, and one of the earliest centers of rice cultivation. For thousands of years, the Chinese people have been diligently cultivating their land for favorable harvests. The agricultural way of life, with rice as the center, has played an important role in China’s history. In the past, people held the belief that the precious things of life are the five grains with rice being number one, instead of pearls or jade.

For the Chinese people, rice is the staple food in everyday meals. They eat it as Westerners do with bread. Rice is cooked by boiling or steaming, till it absorbs as much water as it can.

There is a rich collection of rice dishes in China. Among them, fried rice might be the most popular not only in China, but also around the world. Depending on the types and amount of added ingredients, such as beans, chopped meat, vegetables, eggs, etc., as well as different manners of preparation, there have developed endless variations of fried rice.

Rice may also be made into rice porridge (congee). When cooking porridge, more water than usual is added to make the rice saturated with water and very soft and viscous. It is often served and eaten with pickles, bamboo shoots, salted duck eggs, pickled tofu and many other condiments. Besides a common food on the dining table, rice porridge can also serve as food therapy for the unwell by adding ingredients of therapeutic value.

Rice Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation Characters
Fried Rice with Beef and Garlic hēi jiāo xiāng suàn niú liǔ lì chǎo fàn hay jyaoww sshyang swann nyoh lyoh lee chaoww-fan 黑椒香蒜牛柳粒炒饭
Rice with Braised Beef Brisket hóng shāo niú nǎn fàn hong-shaoww nyoh nan fan 红烧牛腩饭
Stewed Beef Rice hóng shāo niúròu fàn hong-shaoww nyoh-roh fan 红烧牛肉饭
Rice with Beef niúròu gàifàn nyoh-roh geye fan 牛肉盖饭
Fried Rice with Egg, Beef and Green Pepper qīng jiāo niúròu dàn chǎo fàn ching jyaoww nyoh-roh dan chaoww-fan 青椒牛肉蛋炒饭
Fried Rice with Beef and Lettuce shēngcài niúròu chǎo fàn shnng-tseye nyoh-roh chaoww-fan 生菜牛肉炒饭
Fried Rice with Minced Beef and BBQ Sauce shā chá niú sōng fàn shaa-chaa nyoh song fan 沙茶牛松饭
Rice with Beef Filet and Hot Green Pepper háng jiāo niú liǔ fàn hung jyaoww nyoh lyoh fan 杭椒牛柳饭
Rice with Curry Beef gālí niúròu fàn gaa-lee nyoh-roh fan 咖喱牛肉饭
Rice with Beef and Black Pepper hēi jiāo niú liǔ fàn hay jyaoww nyoh lyoh fan 黑椒牛柳饭
Fried Rice with Bacon and Mixed Vegetables fěicuì péi gēn chǎo fàn fay-tsway pay-gnn chaoww-fan 翡翠培根炒饭
Fried Rice with Pork and Black Pepper hēi jiāo zhūròu fàn hay jyaoww joo-roh fan 黑椒猪肉饭
Fried Rice with Egg and Sausage hóng cháng chǎo fàn hong chung chaoww-fan 红肠炒饭
Rice with Fried Spare Ribs huángjīn dà pái fàn hwung-jin daa peye fan 黄金大排饭
Fried Rice with Ham huǒtuǐ chǎo fàn hwor-tway chaoww-fan 火腿炒饭
Fried Rice with Shredded Pork in Soy Sauce jiàngyóu ròu sī chǎo fàn jiang-yoh roh srr chaoww-fan 酱油肉丝炒饭
Rice with Spare Ribs jīngdū páigǔ fàn jing-doo peye-goo fan 京都排骨饭
Fried Rice with Preserved Pork là ròu chǎo fàn laa roh chaoww-fan 腊肉炒饭
Rice with Meatballs shīzi tóu fàn shrr-dzrr toh fan 狮子头饭
Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables shí jǐn chǎo fàn shrr jin chaoww-fan 什锦炒饭
Rice with White Gourd and Assorted Meat in Soup shí jǐn dōngguā lì pào fàn shrr jin dong-gwaa lee paoww fan 什锦冬瓜粒泡饭
Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork lǔ ròu fàn lyoo roh fan 卤肉饭
Steamed Rice with Pork Slices and Mushrooms xiān mó zhū liǔ pèi mǐfàn sshyen mor joo lyoh pay mee-fan 鲜蘑猪柳配米饭
Fried Rice with Pork and Vegetables qīng yè chǎo fàn ching yeah chaoww-fan 青叶炒饭
Rice with Spare Ribs in Black Bean Sauce chǐ zhī páigǔ fàn chrr jrr peye-goo fan 豉汁排骨饭
Rice with Stewed Pork, Taiwan Style tái shì lǔ ròu fàn teye shrr lyoo roh fan 台式卤肉饭
Rice Cooked with Chicken Soup jī tāng fàn jee tung fan 鸡汤饭
Hainanese Chicken Rice hǎinán jī fàn heye-nan jee fan 海南鸡饭
Fried Rice with Diced Chicken, Salted Fish and Shredded Lettuce shēngcài sī xián yú jī lì chǎo fàn shnng-tseye srr sshyen yoo jee lee chaoww-fan 生菜丝咸鱼鸡粒炒饭
Rice with Stewed Chicken in Coke kělè jī fàn ker-ler jee fan 可乐鸡饭
Rice with Stewed Chicken Leg jī tuǐ fàn jee-tway fan 鸡腿饭
Rice with Chicken and Chili and Pepper là zǐ jī fàn laa dzrr jee fan 辣子鸡饭
Rice with Chicken Giblets jiācháng jī zá fàn jyaa-chung jee dzaa fan 家常鸡杂饭
Rice with Curry Chicken gālí jī fàn gaa-lee jee fan 咖喱鸡饭
Rice with Roasted Eel pú shāo mányú fàn poo shaoww man-yoo fan 蒲烧鳗鱼饭
Fried Rice with Salty Fish and Diced Eggplant xián yú qié lì chǎo fàn sshyen yoo chyeah lee chaoww-fan 咸鱼茄粒炒饭
Rice with Fish Filet in Curry Sauce gālí yúpái fàn gaa-lee yoo-peye fan 咖喱鱼排饭
Rice with Salmon sān wén yú fàn san wnn yoo fan 三文鱼饭
Fried Rice with Seafood hǎi huáng chǎo fàn heye hwung chaoww-fan 海皇炒饭
Fried Rice with Fresh Shrimps huó xiā chǎo fàn hwor sshyaa chaoww-fan 活虾炒饭
Rice with Fried Shrimps and Scrambled Egg huá dàn xiā rén fàn hwaa dan sshyaa rnn fan 滑蛋虾仁饭
Rice with Codfish in Thai Sauce tài zhī yín xuě yú fàn teye jrr yin sshwair yoo fan 泰汁银雪鱼饭
Fried Rice with Crab Meat zhāo pái gāo xiè ròu chǎo fàn jaoww peye gaoww sshyeah roh chaoww-fan 招牌羔蟹肉炒饭
Rice with Shrimps in Maggie Sauce měi jí jiàng ròu xiā fàn may jee jyang roh sshyaa fan 美极酱肉虾饭
Fried Rice with Assorted Seafood in XO Sauce XOjiàng hǎixiān dàn chǎo fàn XO jyang heye-sshyen dan chaoww-fan XO酱海鲜蛋炒饭
Fried Rice with Shrimps xiā rén chǎo fàn sshyaa rnn chaoww-fan 虾仁炒饭
Steamed Rice with Diced Abalone and Scallops shā guō fù háo mèn fàn shaa gwor foo hao mnn fan 砂锅富豪焖饭
Eight Delicacies Rice bābǎo fàn baa-baoww fan 八宝饭
Fried Rice with Egg jīdàn chǎo fàn jee-dan chaoww-fan 鸡蛋炒饭
Fried Rice with Pickled Vegetables pào cài chǎo fàn paoww tseye chaoww-fan 泡菜炒饭
Rice in Shredded Vegetable Soup, Shanghai Style Shànghǎi pào fàn shaung-heye paoww fan 上海泡饭
Fried Rice with Vegetables shūcài chǎo fàn shoo-tseye chaoww fan 蔬菜炒饭

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