China's Top Places to See Giant Pandas

The giant panda is known as "national treasure" (国宝) in China. Covering with the black and white fur on the round body, the giant panda is cute and lovely. The smoky eye is the beautiful characteristic of giant panda. How can you miss the giant panda in China?

Our China Highlights has listed some splendid and popular parks for the tourists to see giant pandas. You can also contact us for a customised tour.

1. Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

碧峰峡熊猫基地 (1)Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

After the earthquake in 2008, the pandas of Wolong National Nature Reserve were transferred to Bifengxia Panda Base, which was established at the end of 2003.

Bifengxia Panda Base became the largest giant panda base in the world. At present there are 155 giant pandas at the base. Bifengxia Giant Panda Base offers volunteer programs, which allow close contact with the giant pandas.

2. Beijing Zoo

Beijing Zoo is the largest zoo in China with the largest number of animal species and one of the best-known zoos in the world. It was the first zoo to open in China. There is a panda house in the zoo, which is one of the most popular enclosures there.

3. Seven Star Park

seven star parkThe Giant Panda in Guilin Seven Star Park

There is a zoo in Seven Star Park, Guilin, which is the only zoo with giant pandas in Guangxi. The zoo was built in the early 1960s. The pandas are the super stars there. And standing out among them all was Meimei, who lived for 36 years, the longest-lived panda raised in captivity in the world. The two Olympic Pandas, Fengyi and Meixin are kept in the zoo now.

4. Shanghai Zoo

  • Location: Changning District, Shanghai

Shanghai Zoo is one of the largest national zoos, and one of the ten best zoos in China, next to the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. You cannot miss the lovely giant pandas, one of the most attractive animals there.

5. Chongqing Zoo

Founded in 1955, the Chongqing Zoo is located in the western suburbs of Chongqing. It is a large zoo covering 45 hectares. The Chongqing Zoo boasts natural scenery and the rolling hills. The giant panda is the great attraction there. In March 2012, the half a year old baby panda was named "Mangzi" (莽子) after the naming contest.

6. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

ocean parkThe Giant Panda in Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Ocean Park is a large ocean theme park and one of the two large amusement parks in Hong Kong. You can see hundred kinds of marine fishes. There are also four giant pandas in the Ocean Park: "An An", "Jia Jia", "Le Le" and "Ying Ying". "Le Le" and "Ying Ying" are the presents from central government to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.

7. Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base

Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base is located in the northern suburbs of Chengdu City. There are all the range of equipment of giant panda breeding, the panda house, feed room, health stations, giant panda museum and laboratory building in the base. Thousands of bundles of bamboo and bushes are planted there for giant panda.

The base is planning to create approximate wild living environment for the pandas, train the pandas to adapt wild living, and then released them into the wild for eventual continuation and preservation of this rare and endangered species. It also offers volunteer programs that the participants can learn more about and look after the giant pandas.

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