Wild Animals Breeding and Protection Centre

There are many rare and endangered animals at the Louguantai Wild Animal Breeding and Protection Centre in Zhouzhi County. The Centre is based approximately 76 kilometres (1.5 hours) from Xian. It is the first crested ibis breeding centre in China. Apart from crested ibis, there are also many other rare animals here, including giant pandas, golden monkeys, black bears, leopards, giant salamanders, peacocks, antelope, white lipped deer, musk deer, vulture and owl.

As one of the fifty rarest birds in the world, the crested ibis is regarded as an "Oriental treasure" and has been afforded special protection in China. In the last century the bird widely spread over Asia. China, Japan, Russia and many other Asian countries were once habitats of the crested ibis. As a consequence of the widespread destruction of forests and wetland habitats, and the illegal hunt for its long white breeding plumage, the species declined dramatically to a population of hundreds. The bird, somewhat like the Chinese egret, is extraordinary beautiful, with red cheeks, a hooked beak and white plumage. It was regarded as a symbol of happiness and good luck by the ancient Chinese and was even called the "bird of auspiciousness"

Shaanxi is the only habitat for this rare bird in China. The Louguantai Crested Ibis Breeding Centre is a famous breeding base for the crested ibis away from its original birth places. 21 crested ibis have been bred over the last year and there are more expected this year. To help them avoid distraction from outsiders, workers here put each "couple" in an enclosed huge netting cage.

A Giant Panda Breeding Centre is also under construction which will be the fourth of its kind in China after that in Wolong, Sichuan, Chengdu, and Beijing.

Travel Essentials

  1. Recommended time for a visit: 1-2 hours
  2. Drive from Xian: around 1.5 hours
  3. Huxian, a place famous for its traditional peasant paintings sits along the Xi'an-Louguantai highway. A trip to the Louguantai can be easily accompanied a stop at Wuxian and to have a look of those authentic paintings of the locals.
  4. Protect the Animals: Please protect the wild animals and do not disturb their quit life when there.

Questions and Answers About Wild Animals Breeding and Protection Centre

Rosemarie 2013-07-05
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Hi can you tell me is the panda breeding centre finished yet

Hi Rosemarie, it is available for visiting every day.  

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-07-06
Jerry 2012-04-20
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I''m gonna be in Xian for two days and I would love too se the Pandas the Shaolin temple. Do I need special permission for any of this. And what is the best way to get to these places. A trip to see the beautiful parks would by nice. I land 4 pm 4/27 leave 4/29. Thank you
Hi Jerry, you do not need special permission for any of this. You can take a flight or train from Beijing or Shanghai to Xi'an. It's depend on your arrival city in China. However, the Shaolin Temple is located in Songshan which is about 1 hour drive from luoyang. Luoyang is about 2 hrs by train from Xi'an. It's no problem to arrange one day tour to see the Pandas in Xi'an. How many people in your group? How about that see it on April 28th? Michael Hu replied on 2012-04-21
Leanne 2010-08-09
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How do I get there from Xi'an? What else is there to do in Zhouzhi County?
Hello, Leanne, do you mean how to get Wild Animals Breeding and Protection Centre from Xi’an? If yes, let me show you the way. In Xi’an, you can take bus No.302, the terminus is Wild Animals Breeding and Protection Centre. There are three forest parks in Zhouzhi County, Louguantai National Forest Park (楼观台国家森林公园), Heihe River National Forest Park(黑河国家森林公园) and Cuifeng Peak Forest Park(翠峰山森林公园); and three towers: Bayun Tower(八云塔), Fawang Tower in Xianyou Temple(仙游寺法王塔) and Tower in Daqin Temple(大秦寺塔). Wish you a nice jorney! Lynn Ye replied on 2010-08-10
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