Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort

    Note: China's best alpine ski resort.
  • Season: Mid Dec. - Mar.
  • Location: at the Xiling Snow Mountain 120 kilometers away from Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.
  • Highest mountain: 5364 meters
  • Trail: 7, 10 kilometers in length
  • sightseeing ropeway: yes
  • Grass ski: yes
  • Skiing Market: suitable for all

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort – China's largest (covering some 8 square kilometers) and most successful ski resort, and commonly referred to as 'The Oriental Alps' – is located in the heart of Sichuan Province, only about 100 kilometers west-southwest of the provincial capital of Chengdu. The ski resort's proximity to a major transportation hub like Chengdu makes it easily accessible to both domestic as well as foreign skiing enthusiasts. China Highlights' Xining Mountain ski tour combine skiing activities with watching pandas in Chengdu.


Due to Xiling Snow Mountain's relatively cold climate (during the winter months the temperature hovers just below the freezing point, often dipping to minus 10 degrees Celsius, but given the ski resort's high altitude and the clear, sunny weather, the temperature feels considerably warmer), the ski resort's snow conditions during its peak winter season remain stable; once winter conditions descend upon Xiling Snow Mountain, the snow on the ski resort's pistes quickly reaches a depth of 60 centimeters, and remains in the 60-80 centimeter depth range for the duration of the winter.


Though the highest peak on Xiling Snow Mountain, Daxuetang, attains a height of some 5365 meters above sea level, the upper reaches of the ski resort's highest-altitude pistes – for a number of reasons, including precipitation patterns – begin at about 2400 meters. Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort has 7 world-class Alpine ski pistes, totaling in all 10 kilometers and ranging from beginner to advanced levels, so there is something for every member of one's party, regardless of skill levels. The resort has a full range of ropeways servicing all the pistes. In addition to the most popular winter activity, skiing, the resort offers several snowmobile trails.

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is a well-equipped ski resort that maintains a minimum stock of 2000 rental ski sets as well as a fleet of 35-40 snowmobiles that can be rented. In addition there are the usual Chinese and Western bars and restaurants at the ski resort, as well as lodging accomodations in reasonable price classes.


During the summer there are a number of no-less-exciting activities on offer besides the usual "grass skiing" option, activities such as a toboggan run, hot-air balooning, and "quad", or 4-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, trails (the resort naturally also rents "quads" during the summer). In addition, nature lovers can hike through the surrounding terrain and enjoy the trees and flowers (azaleas abound everywhere), the birds and the other animal life as well as the breath-taking views. There is a 2?-kilometer-long cable car that runs from the ski resort to Riyueping (Sun Moon Lawn) below.

Moreover, Xiling Snow Mountain is much, much more than just a ski resort; Xiling Snow Mountain is in fact not a single mountain, but a mountain range with several peaks and valleys. There are a number of fantastic features for nature lovers here, such as hiking trails that reveal waterfalls and overhanging crags. Du Fu, the famous Tang (CE 618-907) Dynasty poet (some consider Du Fu (712-770), alongside his contemporary, Li Bai (701-762), as China's greatest ever poets), once lived in a secluded thatched-roof cabin on Xiling Snow Mountain, where he composed a number of his famous works. There are in all 20 specially reserved park areas on Xiling Snow Mountain, with ample elbow space – if not outright seclusion – for everyone.

These many features, combined with the fact that Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort offers a number of outstanding pistes for all tastes and competency levels, contribute to Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort's well-deserved reputation as China's very best ski resort, as well as a highly popular summertime getaway for nature lovers, poets, etc...

See China Highlights ski tour to have fun in Xining Snow Mountain ski resort this winter. Continue to read ski resorts in China.

Questions and Answers About Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort

Ben 2013-11-07
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Hi there, I''m planning to visit xiling snow mountain in Dec 8. Can you recommend me any hotel and what are the rates during this time. Thanks
Dear Ben,
You may consider to say at a 5-star hotel named Huashuiwan Celebrity Resort, the rate for deluxe room cost CNY1500 (US$247) per night per room.
Nancy Deng replied on 2013-11-08
Wee Onn 2013-08-17
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Would it already snow and ski resort open from 27 Nov to 1 Dec at Xiling Ski resort.

In the past year the Skiing opened at the end of November, however it depends on climate so it is out of prediction. You are suggested to go in mid-Dec.

Carol Wang replied on 2013-08-19
Choomeanah 2013-04-05
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We are planning to visit xiling snow mountain end December 2013.How much is room rate for 4 people - yinxue hotel? Maple hotel?Normally Skiing season open on what date? Month?What is difference between xiling and Longchi?Is the scenery same?What hotel would you recommend for Longchi?
Hi Cho,the skiing season in Xiling is from December to February. It's better to get there at the end of December due to the weather situation. The room rate for the hotels has not come out yet. We properly will get in November. The room rate for last year is around USD100 per night per room.As I know there is no skiing resort in Longchi. Do you mind to let me know more information about Longchi? Michael Hu replied on 2013-04-07
Amanda 2013-01-18
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Hi, I will be in Chengdu all of February and want to go skiing for two days. Is it cheaper to go during the week than over a weekend? I am traveling by myself and do not want a guide but I am open to meeting other travelers to get to the mountain. How much would a ride cost from Chengdu by myself? Thanks, Amanda
Dear Amanda, In general it is cheaper to go during the week. Please make sure during the Spring Festival Holiday, the entrance fee will be dear. You could take a bus from Xinnanmen bus station(新南门汽车站) or Jinsha bus station(金沙汽车站), you will be transferred to the scenic spot directly. It costs about US$4 per person and it takes about 2 hours. Here is the official website of the scenic sopt, you could realize more informaton. Please click:http://www.xiling.cn/syssource/mainpage/Enweb/main.html Lussie Lu replied on 2013-01-19
Emmet 2013-01-16
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Hi, Myself and my girlfriend are considering a trip up XiLing Mountain during the Spring festival however I am concerned that it may be so busy that a trip may not be feasible. We would possibly go for two nights from say the 13th of Feb to the 15th. We would like to ski for a few hours on the 14th and possibly the 15th too. Can you offer any advice on booking hotels (low to mid price range) and transport?Many thanks in advance for your time and help.Emmet
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