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Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen Railway Station is at the Hong Kong Luo Hu border crossing area. It is an important terminal for tourists or travellers because it is at the main border crossing into Hongkong and hundreds or thousands of non-Chinese cross the Luo Hu border each day. It is well equipped with a frequent hi-speed bullet train to Guangzhou and is the southern terminus of the conventional Guangshen Railway between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The eastern terminal of the Shenzhen Metro Line 1 (subway) is conveniently located in the station’s main plaza below ground. On or under this big plaza there is a local bus station, a regional bus station, a taxi station, and the bullet train station. On the southern side of the plaza in front of the railway station is the big Luohu Immigration Border Crossing building. After passing through the Chinese passport-check building, crossing the bridge into Hong Kong and going through the Hong Kong passport checkpoint, you walk directly into the Lo Wu Station for the Hong Kong MTR and can go to most towns in Hong Kong. (You have to buy a ticket and board. It isn’t an option to go directly back into China.) There is also another Shenzhen city bus station and another long-distance bus station just outside the Shenzhen Railway Station southeast of the plaza. All these transportation modes in easy walking distance makes the station convenient for travellers if you know where these facilities are and how to navigate around the area.

Transportation to Shenzhen Railway Station

Shenzhen Metro (Subway)

The Luo Hu subway station is conveniently located below the Shenzhen Railway Station’s big plaza. You can see the escalator accesses while standing in the plaza. However, depending on where you enter from, finding the ticket machines and ticket windows may be difficult. It is a big area. If you enter the underground area from the escalators that are directly in front of the border crossing building on the ground floor on the south side of the plaza, then the MTR gates and ticket machines are directly in front of you.

  • Metro Line 1 (Luobao Line 罗宝线): straight to Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) / Luohu Station (罗湖站)
  • Metro Line 2 (Shekou Line 蛇口线): Windows of the World (世界之窗站) / Grand Theatre Station (大剧院站) - change to Line 1 - Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) / Luohu Station (罗湖站)
  • Metro Line 3 (Longgang Line 龙岗线): Laojie Station (老街站) / Shopping Park Station (购物公园站) - change to Line 1 - Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) / Luohu Station (罗湖站)
  • Metro Line 4 (Longhua Line 龙华线): Exhibition Center Station (会展中心站) - change to Line 1 - Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) / Luohu Station (罗湖站)
  • Metro Line 5 (Huanzhong Line 环中线): Buji Station (布吉站) - change to Line 3 (Longgang Line) - Laojie Station (老街站) - change to Line 1 - Shenzhen Railway Station (深圳站) / Luohu Station (罗湖站)
Shenzhen Railway StationShenzhen Railway Station

Taxi Station

The taxi lot for catching taxis is on the west side of the station plaza area underground. It is best to catch taxis here. There are people all around the area on the look-out for non-Chinese travellers offering rides, baggage handling, etc, and they may not be trustable. Also, they will probably charge you much more than the regular taxis at the taxi lot. The flag down rate for regular taxis is about 12.50 RMB for the first 2 kilometers. 

Taxi Fares: Taxi fares in Shenzhen start at 10 yuan within 2 kilometers. After that it is 2.6 yuan per kilometer. Over 20 kilometers, 30% will automatically be added for its returning empty.

Local City Buses

The main local city bus station is on the ground level on the southern side of the plaza across from the conventional train station. It is a big uncovered bus lot and is easy to see from the plaza.

  • Bus routes to Shenzhen Railway Station: 01, 102, 12, 17, 1, 205, 211, 215, 220, 25, 302, 306, 337, 352, 387, 38, 7, 82, 83, 97, K302, K307, K568, N14, N15, N18, N2, N7 and Night Special Line 2.
  • Bus routes to Shenzhen Railway Station East Plaza: K533, N16.
  • Bus routes to Shenzhen Railway Station West Plaza: 18, 207, 228, 28, 2, 309, 321, 330, 386, 389, 61, 8.

On the southeast side of the plaza there is a another local bus station, but it is difficult to find because of few signs. You can’t see it from the plaza. You must go to the southeast corner and find stairs or an escalator that leads to an overpass and walk some distance to the descending stairs. Mainly locals use that bus station.

Long Distance Buses

There is a large long-distance and regional bus station on the ground level in the southwest area of the main plaza. This large lot is under a large building, and finding the right bus may be difficult if you don’t speak Chinese. You pay for the ticket on the bus or before you board. You can see uniformed bus attendants standing around or sitting at their stations, but they may not speak English. There are frequent buses to Guangzhou, but the price is almost the same as that for a bullet train ticket, and the wait and hassle of finding the right bus makes it better to take the train unless you know of a specific bus station in Guangzhou to which you want to go to directly by bus.

There is another long-distance bus station southwest of the station area that can be reached via going up onto a walkway out of the station. This exit isn’t well marked in English or Chinese. About 200 meters away from the station at some small windows you can buy tickets for long-distance “bed buses” to Guanxi Province or other provinces. Many of the buses leave in the evening because the routes are for overnight travel to arrive the next morning or the next day. The bus parking lot is in the back. People stand around this area trying to sell "tickets". Usually they are asking for very high prices, and sometimes they are scamming. So it is best to avoid them and buy tickets at the ticket windows.

From Shenzhen Railway Station to Bao’an International Airport

Metro line 1, which is also called the Luobao Line, has a direct link between Shenzhen Station and Bao’an Airport. When you get off of metro line 1 at the terminal station, Airport East Station, the airport is situated to the west. Metro line 1 runs from 6:30 to 23:00. The journey to the airport takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes at a cost of 9 RMB.

From Shenzhen Railway Station to Guangzhou

There are 86 D-trains operating from Shenzhen Station to Guangzhou which offer a convenient and fast journey. Of these, 65 run daily to Guangzhou East Railway Station from 06:40 to 22:40. There is a train every 15 to 30 minutes, with the journey lasting for 1 hour and 19 minutes. The ticket price is 79 RMB for a second class seat and 99 RMB for a first class seat.

The other 21 D-trains go to Guangzhou Railway Station from 06:20 to 20:37. A train departs every 30 to 45 minutes with the journey taking between 90 and 100 minutes. The ticket price is the same as the other trains.

From Shenzhen Station to Guangzhou…

Trains Destinations Departs Arrives Duration
D7158 Guangzhou East 06:40 07:59 1h 19min
D7170 09:21 10:40
D7130 13:58 15:17
D7020 20:48 22:07
D7064 22:40 23:59
D7012 Guangzhou 06:20 08:03 1h 43min
D7014 10:12 11:52 1h 40min
D7184 16:27 18:03 1h 36min
D7134 20:37 22:08 1h 31min

Shenzhen Railway Station Overview

CRH Bullet Train

The new CRH bullet trains leave about every 5 minutes during peak hours, and every 10 or 20 minutes at other times. It is one of the heaviest used intercity routes. There are about 120 CRH trains every day from the Guangzhou Railway Station and the Guangzhou East Railway Station. The trains stop at both train stations in Guangzhou. The trip to Guangzhou takes about an hour or less, and the top speeds are usually a little more than 200 kilometers per hour. The trains may stop quickly in Dong Guan, a city that lies between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The CRH train’s ticket office and waiting rooms are in the eastern side of the plaza, between the conventional long-distance train station and the border check-point building. But it is strangely not well marked, and people often complain that it is difficult to find. From the front of the conventional train station, walk about 100 meters or so south along the eastern side of the plaza on the ground level. The ticket windows are in a small area, and the waiting rooms are adjacent to it. Once you get a ticket (about 75 RMB for a regular ticket or about 80 or 85 for first class) you can wait in the adjacent waiting rooms. You’ll only need to wait for a few minutes. The ride is quiet and comfortable with soft cushioned seats. A bottle of water is provided.

Conventional Rail Lines

For the conventional trains, walk to the train station building on the north-east side of the main plaza area on the ground floor. This station maybe confusing to find sometimes because there are few English signs in the entire area, and also few Chinese language signs. This station has conventional trains departing for Guangzhou and other directions as well. The ticket offices are in a big area on the first floor, and the waiting room for passengers of the Guangzhou-Dong Guan-Shen Zhen line is on the first floor. The waiting room for other long-distance trains are on the second floor.
The special direct train line between the Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing does not stop at this station.

From Shenzhen Station to…

Type Trains Destinations Departs Arrives Duration
D-trains D7170 Guangzhou East 09:21 10:40 1h 19min
D7080 Guangzhou 14:43 16:15 1h 32min
T-trains T8370 Meizhou 15:25 20:42 5h 17min
T96 Hankou 17:30 06:51 13h 21min
T102 Shanghai South 15:45 10:33 18h 48min
T108 Beijing West 14:10 14:15 24h 5min
T186 Shenyang North 20:06 06:47 34h 41min
Z-trains Z24 Wuchang 18:05 06:17 12h 12min
K-trains K9122 Hengyang 21:35 05:32 7h 57min
K9018 Changsha 20:15 06:32 10h 10min
K442 Jinggangshan 18:50 05:27 10h 37min
K9004 Yueyang 21:05 09:10 12h 5min
K952 Guilin 16:44 06:10 13h 26min
K9076 Changde 18:25 08:18 13h 53min
K116 Jiujiang 16:36 07:09 14h 33min
K562 Fuyang 10:12 09:22 23h 10min
K1040 Zhengzhou 09:42 09:34 23h 52min
K26 Nanjing 12:21 14:01 25h 40min
K446 Xi’an 08:58 15:17 30h 19min
K1688 Qingdao 10:50 21:54 35h 4min