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Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway StationBoasting the largest railway station in South China, Guangzhou faces Hong Kong and Macau across the sea. There are five railway stations available in Guangzhou: Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Guangzhou West Railway Station, and Guangzhou North Railway Station, among which Guangzhou Railway Station is the oldest.

Also known as Dashatou Railway Station locally, Guangzhou Railway Station is 2,300 kilometers (1,429 miles) from Beijing Railway Station, 2,294 kilometers (1,425 miles) from Beijing West Railway Station, 182 kilometers (113 miles) from Kowloon Railway Station, 361 kilometers (224 miles) from Maoming East Railway Station, and 176 kilometers (109 miles) from Shenzhen Railway Station. It has an area of 377,600 square meters (4,064,000 square feet).

Lines and Trains

The major railway lines running through Guangzhou Railway Station are the Beijing – Guangzhou Railway, the Guangzhou – Maoming Railway, the Guangzhou – Zhuhai Railway, and Wuhan – Guangzhou Railway.

Over 100 pairs of trains run in and out of Guangzhou Railway Station, including over 20 high-speed D-trains to Shenzhen, and it takes only one and a half hours from Guangzhou Railway Station to Shenzhen Railway Station. Below is a list of major train lines from the station to the other railway stations in China:


Common2571/2574Nanning16:386:30 next day13h 52min


K1008Xinyang13:316:20 next day16h 49min
K1096 /K1097Dazhou9:099:2213min
K1160/K1161Yantai10:0021:50 the third day35h 50min
K1296/K1297Yinchuan19:1616:19 the third day33h 3min
K192/K193Chengdu8:3215:08 next day30h 36min
K202/K203Chongqing North15:4713:59 next day22h 12min
K210/K211Ningbo East15:0814:27 next day23h 19min
K222 /K223Taizhou9:1513:00 next day27h 45min
K226 /K227Lanzhou20:367:30 the third day34h 54min
K302Xuzhou21:1021:50 next day24h 40min
K326 /K327Wenzhou11:0411:01 next day23h 57min
K36 /K37Liuzhou17:469:20 next day15h 34min
K365 /K364Kunming13:5815:02 next day25h 4min
K528Nanjing8:008:15 next day24h 15min
K600 /K597Baotou14:498:40 next day17h 51min
K64 /K65Guiyang15:3011:56 next day20h 26min
K642 /K643Xiangyang13:256:24 next day16h 59min
K648 /K645Xi'an10:5214:20 next day27h 28min
K756 /K757Luoyang19:1419:11 next day23h 57min
K770 /K767Hanzhong9:3212:34 next day27h 2min
K82 /K83Xiangyang17:2021:31 next day28h 11min
K827 /K830Chengdu East19:2210:32 next day15h 10min
K841 /K844Zunyi13:4512:50 next day23h 5min
K85 /K88Jiujiang18:4010:01 next day15h 21min
K9126 /K9127Yongzhou22:588:31 next day9h 33min
K9208Yueyang21:267:51 next day10h 25min
K9218Changsha23:268:40 next day9h 14min
K9242Pingshi7:5011:594h 9min
K9250Shaoguan East9:0311:402h 37min
K9258Hengyang23:407:00 next day7h 20min


T124 /T121Changchun19:047:05 the third day36h 1min
T16Beijing West16:4813:27 next day20h 39 min
T170Shanghai South13:589:40 next day19h 42min
T180Jinan21:2019:09 next day21h 49min
T254Tianjin18:3020:13 next day25h 43min
T256Zhengzhou16:098:50 next day16h 41min
T264 /T265Lhasa12:1219:20 the third day55h 8min
T38 /T35Urumqi23:536:35 the third day54h 42min
T8316 /T8317Zhangjiajie20:028:52 next day12h 50min
T8352Pingshi12:5816:283h 30min
T90Shijiazhuang14:109:05 next day18h 55min

City Transport to Guangzhou Railway Station

By Taxi

The general rate for a taxi in Guangzhou is 10 RMB for the first 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles), and 2.6 RMB for every additional kilometer, which applies to the daytime and at night.

By Bus

The bus fee in Guangzhou is one RMB for the common buses and 2 RMB for the air-conditioned ones. The following buses take you to Guangzhou Railway Station from the downtown area: B2, B10, 8, 11, 14, 18, 30, 31, 52, 55, 79, 180, 201, 210, 211, 228, 254, 257, 529, 550, 552, 803, 803A, 805, 807, 807A, 840, 862, and 862B.

By Metro

Metro lines 2 and 5 are just below Guangzhou Railway Station, of which metro line 2 leaves for Jiahewanggang and Guangzhou South Railway Station respectively. Metro line 5 starts for Jiaokou and Wenchong respectively from Guangzhou Railway Station. Visitors can take metro lines 2 and 5 to the major scenic spots, such as Yuexiu Park.

Transport to the Other Railway Stations in Guangzhou

To Guangzhou North Railway Station

Starting at Xinhua Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou North Railway Station can be reached from Guangzhou Railway Station by first taking subway line 5 to Xicun, and then transferring to bus 71.

To Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station is located at Shibi Village, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, and can be reached directly by taking subway line 2 from Guangzhou Railway Station within 45 minutes.

To Guangzhou West Railway Station

Located at Zhanqian Road, Xicun, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou West Railway Station can be reached directly by taking subway line 5 from Guangzhou Railway Station within 10 minutes.

To Guangzhou East Railway Station

Located at 1, Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou East Railway Station can be reached directly by taking bus 271 from Guangzhou Railway Station within one hour.

Guangzhou Railway Station to Baiyun International Airport

Baiyun International Airport is about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Guangzhou Railway Station. Visitors can get to the airport in the following ways:

Walk to the Civil Aviation Ticket Office Stop from Guangzhou Railway Station, and then transfer to subway line 1 to the airport.

Walk to Dongfang Hotel Stop from Guangzhou Railway Station, and then take subway line 5 to the airport.

Take subway line 2 to Jiahewanggang from Guangzhou Railway Station and then subway line 3 to the airport.

Take a taxi to the airport at a cost of about 90 RMB.

Guangzhou Railway Station to the Major Scenic Spots

Subway line 2 takes visitors from the station to Yuexiu Park in 12 minutes.

Buses 24, 210, or 257 take visitors from the station to White Cloud Mountain.

Subway line 5 can be taken first from the station to Taojin Stop, and then visitors can transfer to bus 30 to travel to the South China Botanical Garden.

From Guangzhou Railway Station to Shenzhen

Guangzhou Railway Station is 176 kilometers (109 miles) from Shenzhen Railway Station, and over 20 high-speed trains run to Shenzhen Railway Station from 6:03am to 10:20pm daily. Below is list of the D-trains leaving for Shenzhen from Guangzhou Railway Station.

High-Speed Trains from Guangzhou to Shenzhen
D70016:037:341h 31min
D70436:388:101h 32min
D70756:558:271h 32min
D70337:208:521h 32min
D71057:479:191h 32min
D70138:1610:001h 46min
D71278:5910:311h 32min
D70039:3211:071h 35min
D706710:1511:471h 32min
D703510:5012:221h 32min
D710711:2513:021h 37min
D701512:0613:381h 32min
D704713:1614:481h 32min
D706913:4715:221h 35min
D718314:3416:121h 38min
D711915:0816:421h 34min
D701715:4717:251h 28min
D708116:3218:081h 36min
D707117:2719:001h 33min
D718518:1819:521h 34min
D713318:4720:251h 38min
D709319:4621:181h 32min
D717720:2322:001h 37min
D711321:1322:451h 32min
D718721:5623:301h 34min
D713522:2023:511h 31min

Guangzhou Railway Station Facilities

Guangzhou Railway Station is well-equipped with modern service facilities and is composed of three floors above the ground as well as one underground floor. The first floor serves as the subway line exits and entrances, taxi stands, and parking lots, where it is very convenient for visitors to transfer between the different means of transport. The second floor serves as the VIP waiting rooms and port halls. The third floor serves as waiting rooms for visitors leaving for Shenzhen, Guiyang, Wuhan, and Nanning. The underground floor serves as the entrance and exit halls for the subway lines. The food stalls, book stalls, and tea houses are mainly distributed on the second and third floors.

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