Giant Panda Behavior

Giant pandas spend their lives eating bamboo and walking around the forest floor. They are good climbers and can also swim. They don’t build dens (except to put cubs in) or hibernate. If it is too cold up in the mountains they head down to the valleys where it is warmer.

Low-Stress Lifestyle

Because of their low-energy diet they avoid stressful situations and exertion, preferring shallow slopes and solitary living. They use scent markers to avoid one another.

Giant pandas don’t roar like other bears, but bleat like goats, or honk, growl and bark to communicate. Cubs whine and croak for attention.


Panda families don’t live together. They are solitary, each female having a well-defined range.

Males generally live apart, except for in the short breeding season (March to May), when they compete for female attention. Females raise the cubs alone.

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Q:Star Asked on 10:02 AM Feb. 25 2014 Reply
Hi I''m doing a report on pandas and it''s worth 100 points and I want to know, what are the behavior traits of a panda?
Hi Star, as a travel agency, we are not able to answer so professional a question.  I suggest that you take a panda tour to get to know the details of it. It would help your report a lot. Whitney Liao Replied on 11:00 PM Feb. 25 2014
Q:Liliana Asked on 08:12 AM Feb. 12 2014 Reply
Hi my son is doing a proyect about pandas and he needs to know how pandas protects itself
Hi Liliana, they protect themselves by their claws. Whitney Liao Replied on 02:59 AM Feb. 13 2014
Q:belle Asked on 09:27 AM Dec. 09 2011 Reply
what are the behaviors of a panda? please answer...
Dear belle,

The giant panda mainly live in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. They eat bamboo and other vegetables and fruits as their main food. Moreover, they often play with a ball in a group and climb up a small tree on their playgrounds or sleep in their cages for rest.

Hope it helps. Candice Song Replied on 02:22 AM Dec. 13 2011

Q:donna Asked on 0:28 PM Oct. 12 2011 Reply
what time is it now, Im in atlanta ga also to the 2008 earthquake hurt or do damage to did the earthquake hurt or do damage to the pandas home in Chengdu
Q:jolynn Asked on 6:37 PM Sep. 27 2011 Reply
excuse me but pandas soo don't hibernate
Sorry bu hibernate means to sleep for a time period exerting the norm. Technically the Giant Pandas or Ailuropoda Melanoleuca do hibernate. They have a very low energy diet. this is why they are also passive and spend most of their day sprwaled out to rest. they roam and eat bamboo for a good portion of the day and then they sleep. while they do not sleep the whole winter like most other "bears" they do "hibernate". It is only different because technically they are not even considered the same type of genus as other bears and sometimes not even the same kingdom. guest Replied on 09:26 AM Apr. 23 2013